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Product details – Passion One

The COMPANYON sleeping bag.
Passion One with a ankle-length zipper, includes storage bag and stuff sack.

Outer material: LightyGram (RipStop Nylon)
Inner material: LightyGram (RipStop Nylon)
Measurements: 215 x 77 x 52 cm (M), 225 x 83 x 54 (L) in the stuff sack: 12 x 12 x 21 cm
Weight: 265 g (M), 320 g (L)
Filling: 100 g, Crystal Down 97/3, 900+ cuin stitch through construction
Temperature Information:


Next To Nothing

The Next to Nothing Technology means that: for all Companyon products we are using the lightest and most exclusive materials currently available. The down proof rip-stop nylon fabric weighs just 25 grammes per square metre. The secret of lightness is based on the 1,000 kilometres of yarn used in the fabric. This yarn has the size of a twentieth of a human hair, these 1,000 kilometres of yarn weigh only 140 grammes.


There are only five weaving machines in the world that can manufacture fabric that is so fine. All these machines can be found in the North of Japan. Each of them produces only 35 metres per day. It is only possible to produce about 1,000 kg of this crystal-down material each year.

For this reason the availability of Companyon sleeping bags and clothing is limited. Crystal Down

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2 Jul, 2010
Whats the temp ratings, there missing from the news article?
Comfort +15°C, Limit +12°C, Extreme -1°C
2 Jul, 2010
Looks very interesting. What do you think about using it for a Summer mountain marathon event?
2 Jul, 2010
Does anyone else get the feeling that the model hadn't just spent the night kipping in the back of that truck in her sleeping bag?
2 Jul, 2010
i think it'd do fine for a saunders MM but it looks expensive (300 euros) and nice but why put a zip in if you are trying to reduce weight to abs minimum ? save yourself prolly 30..50g by taking it out. take a look at the phd bags Piqolo or minim ultra as a good comparison
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