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The axe drove deep into the ice causing it to dinner plate and crash into the darkness below. Again Bruce struck his axe, this time striking the rocks beneath and causing the ice to flash orange for a second. He was just a couple of metres from the top and the buttress would be conquered.

Alpkit Manta Head torch 1

Alpkit Manta Head torch 1


  • XP-C Cree L.E.D. 100 Lumens Max
  • 30mm adjustable headband
  • Smooth dimming control of main beam brightness 100%-10%
  • Focusable main beam
  • Emergency strobe mode
  • Pivotable head unit
  • Compact design, 63mm x 50mm x 44mm
  • 3x AAA Duracell batteries included
  • Weight : 108gms (including batteries)
  • Burn Time 7hrs / 150hrs (Max/Min Power)
  • IPX4 Water resistant - Do not immerse in water

Further Information

The Manta is a headtorch with integrated battery compartment. The dimmable 100 lumen Cree L.E.D. delivers a bright beam, the width of which is adjustable using the front focussing ring. The main high output Cree L.E.D. can be dimmed to any level between 10 and 100 percent as well as a strobe setting for attracting attention. Underneath the main beam are 4 low power LEDs. Green for map reading without affecting night vision. Double red, gives enough light to see features when walking but doesn't affect your or your companions night vision. Blue, gives a wider less focussed beam than the main bulb (just 5 lumens) but with a longer burn time.

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