Mountain Intelligence DEAL OF THE MONTH: Free Delivery on Clif Bars and Shots

Tasty Clif Bar

We love Clif bars and I'm sure you do too.

We are running a free delivery promotion so for those of you who can't get them locally this is a great way of grabbing them at no additional cost. For those that haven't tried them yet this is your chance. They are widely regarded as one of the best tasting energy bars you can buy. Clif are a pretty good company as well, not only will they keep you going on a big walk or climb, but they are Organic and not full of nastiness.

You can find Clif on our site here, and you can find out more about the product on the Clif site here.

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12 Aug, 2009
anyone tried these? any good? at £1.30 a go there a little expensive arnt they?.....unless there great
12 Aug, 2009
very tasty and very filling for such a small size. they also help cure hangovers when consumed in handfulls from the stall at the kendal mountain film festival.

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