Sigma Pot Set from Sea to Summit Review

© Lorraine McCall

I've recently been using a titanium pot to cook with when backpacking, so was unsure how I would get on with the heavier stainless steel Sigma Pot from Sea to Summit. But at 250g for the 1.2 litre pot alone (380g for whole one person set) it's not exactly heavy - and I've enjoyed being able to cook what I want without worrying about it sticking to the base. It is also much easier to clean than some lighter cookwear, and feels good and sturdy too.

The pot features heat-proof handles and a heat-distributing base  © Lorraine McCall
The pot features heat-proof handles and a heat-distributing base
© Lorraine McCall

The stainless steel pot has been given a 'Fluxtherm' base, which is designed to distribute heat evenly across the bottom and thus in theory make cooking a bit more efficient. As a surprise bonus I've found this is a real winner when setting it down on wet grass, since it's less slippy than plain steel. It's also that little bit more secure when balanced on a stove. The addition of a volume scale inside is useful too.

Not one for reading instructions before launching into things, I nearly came a cropper by pouring hot water into my cup without locking the folding handle in place. The well marked pivot lock is there for a reason and make sure you use it!

When used properly it is great to have a silicone handle on the pot, and a silicone grabber on the steel lid, since neither of these heat up when you're cooking and they negate the need for a separate pan grab. There is a nifty little slider inside the lid which allows you to slip the lid onto the side of the pot whilst stirring. You also get holes on the lid, which make it much easier to strain without spilling - a small but useful addition.

The handle locks into place over the lid for neat packing  © Lorraine McCall
The handle locks into place over the lid for neat packing
© Lorraine McCall

The Sigma 1.1 set that I've been reviewing comes with a 1.2 litre pot plus a good lightweight cup and bowl nesting inside the pot, making it the perfect wee set for one person. For two people, there's the Sigma Pot Set 2.1, which costs an extra £15 for a 1.9 litre pot and two cups/bowls. If you didn't want the cups and bowls you could alternatively just buy the pot - various sizes are available, starting at £30 for the 1.2 litre.

The sturdy cup has a neoprene cover to stop burny fingers and help keep the contents warm, plus a lid which is a wee bit faffy to put on. You could save some weight by leaving both at home. The bowl is dead simple, which I like. Both cup and bowl are made of tough BPA-free polypropylene.

The cup has an insulating cover and a slightly faffy lid  © Lorraine McCall
The cup has an insulating cover and a slightly faffy lid
© Lorraine McCall

The set packs away snugly and if you want there is space for some other small bits and pieces in the pot, like teabags, a scouring pad and chocolate. The folding handle locks the lid securely in place when closed, and makes the set a tidy package which stows away neatly in a pack with no rattle.

Altogether this is a neat, sturdy camp cooking set with some thoughtful little extra touches that all make a difference in use. At £40 it doesn't seem expensive for what you're getting, since it feels like it's built to last. What's not to like?

Sea to Summit say:

Engineered with premium marine grade stainless steel, our new SigmaPot™ range is strong, lightweight and offers a durable, abrasion resistant and easy-to-clean cooking surface for your outdoor camp kitchen needs. Designed for compact packing and convenient handling, our SigmaPot™'s unique patent-pending PIVOT-LOCK™ handle rotates horizontally, locking in place for a secure and ergonomic grip when in use and folds away keeping the lid locked to the pot for low-profile storage. Sea to Summit's Fluxtherm™ treatment provides even heat distribution to improve cooking efficiency while the integrated LID KEEP™ cleverly stores the straining lid out of the dirt. Our compact nesting SigmaPots™ are compatible with our SigmaPans™, DeltaLight™ range of camp dinnerware and also our aluminium AlphaPots™ and AlphaPans™.

  • Premium grade stainless steel cooking surface
  • BPA-free, microwave safe, lightweight, ergonomically shaped bowl and insulated mug
  • Patent-pending PIVOT-LOCK™ handle with ergonomic silicone grip for secure , easy operation
  • When folded, the PIVOT-LOCK™ handle locks the lid to the pot to contain the complete set for compact packing
  • Fluxtherm™ treatment for even heat distribution
  • Large internal radius allows easy cleaning and matches the Delta™ cutlery profile
  • Easy-flow strainer lid for efficient draining with integrated patent-pending LID KEEP™
  • DeltaLight™ Insul Mugs come with removable easy clean insulation sleeves and silicone sipper lids for easy stacking and cleaning
  • SigmaPots™ and DeltaLight™ Dinnerware all have a grade volumetric scale inside
  • Includes dishcloth

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