Primus Multifuel Stoves: Making good better

This spring Primus is introducing some small but significant improvement to its collection of award winning, hose-mounted stoves: the OmniFuel, MultiFuel and Express Spider.  They all come with new pot supports as well as featuring small updates making them more user friendly and easier to handle.

The OmniFuel is the most award-winning stove for Primus.It has been tested extensively over many years and has proven itself on countless expeditions. It is extremely robust, reliable and powerful and designed to handle demanding situations, higher altitudes and both low and high temperatures.

Primus OmiFuel II  © Primus
Primus OmiFuel II
© Primus
The updated OmniFuel II is just as capable as before but has a more compact format. The new pot supports [grids] lock securely in the unfolded position and fold tighter making the stove more compact when stuffed away. The jets are clearly marked for each fuel type and attached to the pot supports so that they are never lsot.  With 3000 watts, the OmniFuel II delivers generous power for serious expedition use.  The stove burns virtually any kind of fuel, including gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin and even aviation fuel. The control knob allows you to adjust the flame from simmer to boil, even while wearing gloves. The Primus OmniFuel II comes with an ErgoPump, a multi-tool with cleaning needle, a windscreen and a heat reflector and weighs in at 350g.

SRP:  £180

Primus OmiFuel III  © Primus
Primus OmiFuel III
© Primus
The Primus MultiFuel stove was one of, if not the first real multi-fuel stove in the world and has been around since 1997.  Same as its predecessors, the new MultiFuel III is a sturdy workhorse that works with LP gas, white gas, petrol, aviation fuel, kerosene/paraffin and diesel.  It produces a powerful flame that works very well even under extreme weather conditions.  As with the OmniFuel above it features new pot supports and the jets are clearly marked for each fuel type and attached to the pot supports.  The MultiFuel III comes with an ErgoPump, a multi-tool, a nylon bag, a windscreen and a heat reflector and weighs 340g.

SRP:  £145

Primus Express Spider  © Primus
Primus Express Spider
© Primus
The Primus Express Spider II is one of the lighest hose-mounted gas stoves available.  The upgrades on the Express Spider II include new pot supports as with the MultiFuel III and OmniFuel II.  This stove offers a low centre of gravity and stability whilst weighing just 200g.  With the optional Multifuel Kit it can be converted to run on liquid fuel such as white gas, making it a lightweight, four-season stove.  The Express Spider II comes with a heat reflector and a nylon storage bag.

SRP:  £52




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