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Steve using his micro-spikes  © Beta Climbing Designs

Kahtoola Microspikes

Jon Morgan tested the Microspikes on a three day winter Bob Graham Round recce just as the snow started to fall.

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Kahtoola KTS Crampons  © Beta Climbing Designs


Need new crampons? Here's a selection of what's available this season...

Kahtoola KTS  © Kahtoola
Kahtoola KTS  © Kahtoola

Kahtoola KTS Crampon Review

We just had this fantastic review in from Ultra-runner Mark Hartell, he went out on the Welsh 3000's in winter with Stephen Watts (fellow Ultra-runner) to test out the Kahtoola KTS Aluminium Crampons.


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Kahtoola Microspikes  © Tomas Frydrych

Opinion Microspikes - Use with Care, or Not At All

Tempted to swap crampons for microspikes? Think hard, urges Tomas Frydrych. They have a place, but in the UK's mixed conditions they can also be a liability.

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