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Visiting German Climber's Benno and Sebastien making themselves at home in Pembroke  © Rob Greenwood - UKC

Amdro Boot Jump

Deep down every climber, hill-walker and mountaineer wants a van... However the reality of the situation, more often than not, is that vans aren't cheap and even if you have the money to afford one then the cost of fuel to run one seems like an unjustifiable expense. Last year whilst in the market for a new vehicle I had such a dilemma: I really...

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Upgrade your van-life mealtimes with the latest CampFire stoves from Primus

As the 'van life' philosophy continues to soar in popularity, more of us than ever are choosing to make the journey part of our adventure. But embracing life on the open road doesn't have to mean compromising on what you can cook. With the latest ...

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