White goods fest 2019

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A massive thank you once again to everyone who came to the meet over the weekend, it was amazing to have so many people at the crag, the vibe was fantastic and a great to see a mix of experienced drytoolers and also people who have never tried it before, just goes to show there is an ever growing population of drytoolers in the UK and beyond. Also great to see people from overseas coming to get involved. Keep eyes out for a full report, films etc and hopefully see you all down the goods (or masson or the works) soon.

 davkeo 05 Nov 2019
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Thanks to you and Alex for organizing such a fun and enjoyable weekend. One of the best meets I've been to in fact with a really cool, relaxed vibe.

Cheers and have a great winter.

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Thanks so much, that's amazing to hear, really good to meet you (both!) 

Enjoy winter and climb safe!

 Sayon 05 Nov 2019
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Thanks to you both for organising this- it gave me the chance to finally try dry tooling here, and great to meet so many like-minded people. Looking forward to the next meet up!

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Thanks very much, I hope we can keep it going, shows there is a dedicated bunch of people tooling and others are keen to get involved as well, Supporting with donations for bolts and gear will mean more routes of all grades can be opened up and also manage what we already have.

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 SFrancis 06 Nov 2019
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Brilliant weekend, thanks to you and Alex for organising it!

First time drytooling and a seriously enjoyable couple of days, and as you said the vibe was fantastic, everyone was really friendly and really psyched. Loved it, will be heading back soon to finish off Jaz.

We found a pair of ergonomics when we were leaving on Sunday and left them with one  of the strong lads climbing, possibly "the upsetter"?, they said they would pass them on to you to get back to the owner.

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That's brilliant to hear, so glad you all enjoyed it, it what makes it worthwhile. Hope you will come next time and encourage other to get involved as well. The ergos have been reunited with their owner, thanks for that!


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Glad to hear you’re still at it pal. Remember me if you fancy any easy days out. 

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Hi Glenn how you doing? I'm always keen for anything , good to hear your still around!

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Doing good ta. Cycling has taken over! 

I’ve sent a text, pm if you’re not still on same number. 

 n-stacey 17 Nov 2019
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Hi Neil,

great weekend meet at White Goods. I had an excellent time. Thanks to you and Alex for your efforts.

How would I get involved more? Or is there a bolt fund to donate to?


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Glad you enjoyed it , it was great to see so many people there and shows that dry tooling has a growing following in the UK. You can get involved more by following us on Instagram/FB etc , DTS UK , Neil mb, @alexorlov , Ramon Marin is instrumental in bolting and developing and has links to donate to bolts etc via his Facebook and Instagram pages. There you  will find details of how and where to donate to bolts etc, further development of routes across the grades is just starting at masson

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 n-stacey 18 Nov 2019
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