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sustainability of weekend mountaineering?

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 trys 01 Dec 2005

I'm living in sheffield at the moment, and being skint, should probably work a five day week.

If i were to work a five day week, and on friday afternoons jump in the car, spend saturdays and sundays in the snow and back at work on the monday morning...

I usually live in north wales, or work the winter season in scotland, so have never thought about how southern city folks (no, i'm not saying sheffield is southern) get much winter stuff done.

How often do you get out into the hills in winter, do you do to much and burn out, or do you always finish the season wishing you had done more?

styman 01 Dec 2005
In reply to trys: Drive through the night friday climb sat & sun then drive back for work monday. We do it reguarly from London so it's got to be easier from Sheffield. if we share the driving its actually only 150 miles each which is fine as long as you can sleep ok whn you're not driving.
Profanisaurus Rex 01 Dec 2005
In reply to trys:

I try and do as much as I can, wish that I could do more, and am grateful that I can at least get out into the hills.

There are people I know who for various reasons, financial, shiftwork, family commitments, caring for others, can't ever get away.....
 trys 01 Dec 2005
In reply to styman:

Picture the scene, conditions are really good, you're feeling strong, how many weeks could you do this for before you were knackered?
 LakesWinter 01 Dec 2005
In reply to trys: I manage about 5 trips a winter if I do all the driving. If you share the driving then easily you can manage 10 weekends in a mid dec to mid april season. Its all about the organisation and desire.

You could manage up to 30 roped routes in a season given sufficient motivation
styman 01 Dec 2005
In reply to trys: we did 6 weekends in a row once. You get more done in 3 hits of 2 days then you would in 6 straight days. When you're up for six days theres always going to be some shite weather and you're going to need a rest day. Sure you may get shite weather at the weekend but you may get shite weather for 5 out of your six days anyway.
 trys 01 Dec 2005
In reply to MattG:

"...given sufficient motivation"

I think that's the point, I've just looked at my log book, and during the seasons that i lived and worked in scotland, i only have about 10 days per season!!!

It's the same with living in north wales and being really picky about what weather is good climbing weather. If i'd just driven up from london, i'd make sure i got out climbing anyway, so that i hadn't wasted a trip.

So i think being motivated to get in amongst it is really important - cheers
In reply to trys:

That's quite true. I find if I go for a weekend I'll go out and do something on both days regardless of the weather. If I'm away for several days, chances are that there will be some "rest" days, especially if the weather is bad. I have friends who moved away from London to be nearer the mountains and several of them say they just don't go out if the weather is poor now.

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