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New winter boots

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 Big Lee 25 Sep 2020

My Batura IIs are reaching end of life status after five years of regular use. These boots have been perfect for me in terms of warmth and narrow fit, particularly around the heel. I've had issues with lifting heels in other boots. Sole wear hasn't been an issue for me in the environments that I'm using them. I would happily buy Batura IIs again if it were possible, but it looks like the choice is either G2 (Evo), G5 (Evo) or Phantom Tech. A lot of other options are out due to me needing size 48. Just wondered if anybody else has been down this path and can recommend what is the closest to Batura IIs in terms of fit and warmth? Heel fit is probably most important. 

Got the heads up from my local store that I'm best ordering these now from La Sportiva if I hope to have them for the start of winter - the local distributor doesn't stock my size as standard, so no chance of trying before I buy/order.

 cb294 25 Sep 2020
In reply to Big Lee:

Welcome to the club! I only need size 46 and Scarpa used to fit my feet better, so when they changed the last I started to stock up...

Anyway, there are still some Batura 2s in 48 available in several German shops, e.g. here:



 brunoschull 25 Sep 2020
In reply to Big Lee:

Hi Big Lee--you and I have exchanged emails before...I'm a friend of Richard Ashton, from London.

Anyway, I wear a size 48 boot as well, and I have two pairs of used buy good to very good ice climbing boots for sale: a pair of Scarpa Phantom techs, and a pair of Scarpa Phantom 6000 (the one with the removeable liner).

You may be after new boots...but I'll sell you both of mine for less than you'll pay for a single pair new

Let me know if you're interested, and Ic ans end you pics.

All the best, and have a great ice season--are you still based in Norway? 


 nniff 25 Sep 2020
In reply to Big Lee:

Empacher may be the answer


Any time - just ask ;o

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 Michael Gordon 25 Sep 2020
In reply to brunoschull:

Sounds like a good buy for someone, but Scarpa boots are a significantly different fit to Sportiva. Similar to Lee, I also like the narrow heal on Sportiva boots, and would usually suffer from heal lift with Scarpa.

 Big Lee 25 Sep 2020
In reply to cb294:

That's good to know. Might just stick with what I know then! 

 Big Lee 25 Sep 2020
In reply to brunoschull:

Thanks but not really interested in used boots. Looking to get the full life of a pair, starting from new.

 waitout 26 Sep 2020
In reply to Big Lee:

I replaced my Batura's (gen 1) with Ice Cubes. I know many don't like them, though that usually pertains to longevity of the sole which I've had no concerns with over 3 winters and a one expedition. I've found them lighter, nimbler and stay dry longer then Batura's, and after years of integrated gaiters nice to not have that for a change.

Anything real cold, high or where keeping them from freezing is an issue i wear Phantom 6000's after finding the inners with G2's to be lacking.

 innes 26 Sep 2020
In reply to waitout:

Just to  balance waitout’s post...

I’ve had LS Ice Cubes for the last 2 1/2 seasons, used exclusively in Scotland: I’ve just posted them off for their 3rd resole!  This after having to get the lace hooks replaced with metal ones, as the stock hooks had broken.  They also now leak.  

Ice Cubes are definitely light and nimble (great to climb in) but I won’t be resoling them again, and will look to buy new G5s if the reports on them are OK after this winter...

 waitout 26 Sep 2020
In reply to innes:

Yes that's all exactly what I've heard about them. A gamble for quite specific conditions, 90% of my use is in dry snow, not Scottish conditions, and full disclosure - I self modded the hooks out on buying as I hate them on any footwear. Replaced with loops of 2mm.

 rogerwebb 26 Sep 2020
In reply to innes:

I had the same problem with the lace hooks on ice cubes , eventually got my money back. 

 Big Lee 05 Oct 2020
In reply to rogerwebb:

Thanks for the replies. I took the opportunity to order a pair of Batura IIs from the above place in Germany, thus delaying the issue for a few more years. Can't fault the Batura IIs personally. I've got used to a gaiter boot as well and can't really imagine going back to wearing separate gaiters again (internal gaiters have never worked well for me due to a long leg length). 

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