Montane Gloves?

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 Peakpdr 27 Dec 2019

Looking at a pair of Montana ice grip gloves but carnt find any reviews for them at all. 

Anyone own a pair? 

Was looking at those or a pair of BD Punisher gloves. 

Cheers Paul 

 pass and peak 27 Dec 2019
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Don't own any Montane gloves as every time I've tried a pair on I find their more for long slender fingers and narrow palm, BD punishers fit my short fat fingered shovels better. The BD Guide glove being the best fit of all, if a bit pricey and over the top for all but the coldest days!

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In reply to Peakpdr:

I have had them for a year and a bit. 

Dexterity - On a scale of Mits to ME direkts they are probably a 6/10. I don't wear them when I'm leading at my limit, the fingers are pretty fat and getting gear of my harness is fidly. It also takes more effort to hold onto an axe because of the fit, its just slightly too tight. 

Waterproofness - Generally they never get wet on the inside but the material becomes saturated if its hovering around 0 and then they become pretty heavy and cold. Great when the weather is -5 or below as they keep snow etc out easily.

warmness - Warm enough, no complaints. Its my chosen glove for belaying in warmer conditions and seconding hard stuff. 0

If you want an all round glove then they are good, if you want to lead hard stuff then I'd look at something less bulky. I  really like the ME direkts combined with a wrist gaiter. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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