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Lurcher's Crag route name?

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Does anyone happen to know the name of one of the small gullies to the south of South Gully (to the right, looking from below)? It's the leftmost one, pretty short, which as of a couple of days ago was mostly a series of icy steps. It doesn't appear in the SMC Cairngorms guide and felt harder than the Grade I that 'The Alley' gets in the UKC list.

I'm pretty sure Andy would have known...

 Mark Bull 07 Mar 2020
In reply to Mark Bull:

Ah, thanks, good idea - it looks like it's the wee gully that starts leftwards of the ridge that's next to/above Punchdrunk's line on the picture. From the route descriptions on the logged climbs page I suppose that small ridge would be the line of Ten Pins, so the gully in question would lie between that and Skittles, with The Alley being to the right of Ten Pins (and just out of sight on that crag picture).

 Mark Bull 10 Mar 2020
In reply to TeeBee:

I think it's maybe this: 

Receding Hare 100m II.

Sandy Allan, Susan Jensen, Andy Nisbet. 27 Dec 2016.

The shallow gully between Skittles and Ten Pins.

Recorded in SMCJ here: https://www.smc.org.uk/downloads/climbs/new-routes-2017.pdf

In reply to Mark Bull:

That sounds like it's probably it. Thanks for checking!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.