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Rrpguide 24 Apr 2019

Hi, I'm Renato from Chile. But I live in Huaraz, Peru a few years ago for work. (Mountain guide)

I found this group given my interest in visiting ben nevis in the year 2020, as the first climbing trip to the place.
I have not met any person who has ever gone, I have only seen and given my love for mixed climbing I would like to fulfill the dream of going. I write here to be able to ask some questions to plan my trip. I hope you can help me. My principal objective is do really nice routes of  mixclimbing. 

-What is the best place to start getting used to climbing in Ben Nevis?
-Is there any accommodation where climbers usually stay?
-What is the best month in conditions and weather for winter climbing? (FOR BUY THE TICKETS)


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The CIC Hut is where you'll want to stay for access to the north face. In regard to the best time to get good winter conditions, if you find out let me know!

PaulJepson 24 Apr 2019
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Late February/early March is most stable weather-wise but it can be very hit&miss in Scotland so it's always going to be a gamble. 

If you're here for a while, you should plan to make a trip to all the honeypots, including the Cairngorms  (Blocky Granite), Skye (Pointy Gabro) and Torridon (Tiered Sandstone). Close enough to each other to drive in a couple of hours but all with their own style and atmosphere. 

mauraman 28 Apr 2019
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Winter conditions are very unpredictable in UK, you will have to take a gamble on that. Things change very fast too. I would gamble on late February/early March, as already suggested.

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