/ Cuillin Ridge this weekend

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jackob - on 03 Jan 2018
Looking for some advice regarding the condition of the ridge looking to do it this weekend, will it be in decent condition?
jas wood - on 03 Jan 2018
In reply to jackob:

Hi Jacob, Given what i think it might be like and current forecast I'd say this weekend would be as good a time as any !!!
Jim Fraser - on 04 Jan 2018
In reply to jackob:

As I write this, existing cover is taking a bit of a warming but that is about to change. I had a look through some forecasts from and think it may pan out like this.

Sometime tomorrow there should be snowfall and freezing temperatures. At the weekend, the freezing level will drop further and remain low throughout including frost down to the shore on Sunday morning. NW winds will ease, veering E then SE, and then build again later on Sunday. 50+% cloud may be typical and a good detailed mapping and its careful use will be essential on the ridge.

It's only a forecast.

As jas points out: as good a time as any. Skye is a hard one to guess. If you arrive and it all looks good then go for it and well done for getting it right. If you arrive and it's rubbish then drive back across the bridge and colder inland ridges are just along the road at Cluanie and the BenN is a few dozen miles beyond that.
(Bring a decent camera.)

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