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Winter Climbing forum
Snow/Ice routes & conditions

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From Scottish gullies to Rjukan ice falls, this is the forum discuss everything involved with winter climbing. Conditions, what's in and what's not, avalanche risk, recommended routes plus accounts of your exploits.
For a list of all the routes climbed in the last few days have a look at our UK Winter Conditions.

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Kuffner Ridge in Winter triq-Dtriq-D62,62804-Sep-19
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Key for the Ben Nevis top North Face car park EcoClimberEcoClimber-2,87201-Jul-19
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Sub zero / winter Double sleeping bags ? wolfbanewolfbane93,06313-Jun-19
Mont Blanc suitable boots MishelMishel94,03127-May-19
La Sportiva Nepal Extreme EU45 - Free GhastlyrabbitfatGhastlyrabbitfat-2,90824-May-19
Grivel Tech Machine - grip durability? CacCarnBeagCacCarnBeag43,21321-May-19
DMM rebels jepotherepojepotherepo93,96214-May-19
Ledge Route summer conditions yet? subtlesubtle33,75101-May-19
First trip for winterclimbing in Scotland RrpguideRrpguide33,87828-Apr-19
Norrie Muir RIP paraffinparaffin549,71824-Apr-19
Sneachda - easy gullies complete? nickinscottishmo...nickinscottishmountains34,04914-Apr-19
Posting an ice axe. Locally and internationally. DellDell174,55029-Mar-19
Significant Rockfall Helvellyn Red Tarn Face Baron WeaselBaron Weasel-3,98926-Mar-19
Short easy glencoe routes Louise StoneLouise Stone74,71525-Mar-19
Himalayan Trekking Miranda WellsMiranda Wells23,61825-Mar-19
Partner for Monday morsgmorsg-3,52023-Mar-19
Cogne / Valnontey routes steveb2006steveb200673,71819-Mar-19
Conditions request - Cogne, Helbronner, Gran Para mcawlemcawle23,65418-Mar-19
A N Other to join me with Winter Mountaineering Cjkelly83Cjkelly83-3,84618-Mar-19
Rjukan: trying to contact Tim from Bristol FHFH-3,80117-Mar-19
Choice of venue rodwrodw34,26616-Mar-19
Avalanches French ErickFrench Erick13718,79415-Mar-19
climbing with TSP- misconceptions? French ErickFrench Erick84,75214-Mar-19
Ice climbing guide to Val Pettorina, Dolomites Casa AlfredinoCasa Alfredino33,78414-Mar-19
Training For Winter Climbing RobScotlandRobScotland44,27114-Mar-19
lost Dog in need of help fertiliousfertilious135,71813-Mar-19
lakes winter conditions paulh.0776paulh.07765813,01813-Mar-19
The Alan Mullin Story dr evildr evil76,57413-Mar-19
Bad news again, Ben Nevis 5 gully wilkie14cwilkie14c15,21012-Mar-19
Petzl Sum’tec axe on Ben Nevis nikkimacnikkimac-3,82312-Mar-19
Storm Routes grade IV -Vi JackobJackob64,75412-Mar-19
Steve Perry's funeral Dan Bailey -...Dan Bailey - UKHillwalking.com26,82611-Mar-19
Where should I go in Scotland next week? ClimbingNutClimbingNut24,91909-Mar-19
New snow? FiskavaigFiskavaig64,68509-Mar-19
No.2 Gully Buttress today AnhibianAnhibian-3,87409-Mar-19
What Route Did I Do (if any!)? socrates2611socrates261174,99605-Mar-19
Conditions report: Valdres, Hemsedal & Lærdal Jamie Simpson -...Jamie Simpson - Alpine Dragons135,71403-Mar-19
Newtyle Quarry DT access top cattop cat64,38203-Mar-19
Snow Coming Jim FraserJim Fraser24,59503-Mar-19
Aonach Eagach ralphioralphio75,19628-Feb-19
OK, where's the good ice? Pay AttentionPay Attention417,66328-Feb-19
Tower ridge Monday 25th peter sawfordpeter sawford-3,89526-Feb-19
What to do in Lillaz/Cogne if weather too warm TomHall2016TomHall2016234,98726-Feb-19
Rubbish winter wee jamiewee jamie6012,37226-Feb-19
3D Printed Ice Axe (Pleas Help) ehorwichehorwich345,71025-Feb-19
Replacement bolts for CAMP X-Dreams brunoschullbrunoschull93,87925-Feb-19
Is this the start of East Butress on Ben Eighe? HPHP34,19224-Feb-19
Rjukan Conditions STWrightSTWright13,44424-Feb-19
I broke my new Nomics DRose674DRose674888,76323-Feb-19
Moline (Cogne) topo? RM199RM19943,16823-Feb-19
Are plastic boots still a thing? WestyWesty385,53622-Feb-19