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SKILLS: Scrambling with Kids - A Parent's Guide

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 UKH Articles 10 Aug 2020
Sam James-Louwerse on Striding Edge

Kids are natural climbers, and scrambling as a family can be great fun. But with scrambling comes risk, and there's a lot to consider when you add children to the mix. To help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day, instructor Will Legon offers some valuable tips.

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 jamieevans 13 Aug 2020
In reply to UKH Articles:

I wish I'd read this before the weekend . 

I did pretty much everything wrong. 😂

In reply to UKH Articles:

This is a great article and one I kinda wish I'd read beforehand too. Some sage advice and I'm glad to say pretty much echoes what we did... I did take my kids up Jack's Rake tho ;). TBF I've done it loads and as an experienced climber had no worries with the route... I did however take a small rack, have them both wear harnesses, chose to short rope my youngest (more for my benefit than hers) on the more exposed sections and had them wear helmets... They were fine with the exposure and not having my eldest on a rope gave him a real sense of ownership over things and confidence that will hopefully go a long way... Great!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.