SKILLS: How To Climb Hills by Public Transport

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 UKH Articles 17 Jun 2016
Let the train take the strain, 3 kbThere's no denying it: walking is way more convenient by car. And yet it's surprising how many hills can be reached by bus or train. Here's how to get max walking mileage out of public transport.

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 Andypeak 18 Jun 2016
In reply to UKH Articles:

Sadly public transport is far to expensive for many people to afford. For me to get the train from Nottingham to hathersage cost close to £70 and takes nearly 4 hours each way. The car is an hour and about £ 10 in fuel.
 Qwertilot 20 Jun 2016
In reply to andy.smythe:

Really? The actual train bit of that seems to be ~1:45 each way (via Sheffield) and <20 pounds for an off peak return.

Depends where you're able/choose to live to a fair extent of course. Sheffield/Manchester are great, Leeds/Bradford not at all bad. Also of course a huge help if you've got a really good, early morning/late evening, connection to/from the main train and bus stations.

The options for long linear walks is one of the really nice aspects. Also being able to flatten yourself a bit - having to drive back after some of the walks I do would be getting on for plain unsafe.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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