/ NEWS: Hilltracks Free-For-All Continues

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UKH News - on 16 Dec 2012
As a 'permitted development' landowners can build tracks wherever they like, and the government's happy to go along with it, 3 kbThe Mountaineering Council of Scotland has condemned the Scottish Government as "feeble" for its failure to stop hill tracks being bulldozed through unspoilt landscapes.

ScraggyGoat on 18 Dec 2012
In reply to UKH News:

A very bad outcome, having seen the widepsread proliferation across Scotland from teh Angus Glens to the far NW, I was hoping for more. Even if it was just to bring them under the planning process and possibly require a good quality of constructiona nd environmental/ visaul mitigation, rather than a ban. False hope obviously.

Without any evidence I wondered whether estates were putting tracks in quickly over the past few years in the belief they wouldn't be able to in the near future, and that the campaign against them had percipitated many being built.

However it does show that the current Scottish Government will put anything, with even only the slightest economic justification, ahead of the landscape and the environment. Trump, insenstively located windfarms, hill tracks all point to the same message ....... Scotlands open for any sort of business.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.