JOBS: Field Guide, British Antarctic Survey

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British Antarctic Survey is offering a unique opportunity as Field Guide in Antarctica.

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In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

Dear Sirs,

£23 GRAND! I'll dee it for 11, Bit aboot me:

"Practical, organised/unflappable: I'm a geordie of couse I am!

" Challenging climate" nouts the bother, I gan oot in a tee shirt doon the toon of a Friday night in all weathers.

Ive led the lads all over the place and NEVER got lost yet even when chemically compromised when Barfie spiked mee pint of dog!

Always prided mesel on being a team player, centre forward is best position for me but I'm always willing to tax me turn in goal.

Quite canny at problem solving, it was me who worked out how to scam the gaffer out of overtime payments before the rest of them jumped on the bandwagon and spoiled it! *astards!

Continental ice shelfs nouts the bother I'll bring the black and decker and me tools.

Keen on camping so ahve put loads of tents up, cracking at barbies too so can have some bait ready for the lads getting back with a few cold cans.

Like the radio, used to do a bit DJ'ing, are your sno-mobiles pay as you go or contract? mines a Nokia, canny bit of kit, let us naigh as I can get some knock off if you need any.

Physically medically and cabably fit: I'm fit as a lop if I do get the job, on the QT I'm on invalidity benefit at the moment but the doles getting stricter so getting harder to scam it if you naigh what I mean.

I've worked for a bit in Iceland, that was great, deed canny people to work with, good conditions, staff discount on the food but as I was mainly in the warehoose I sadly didn't get any customer contact which was a pity, some of the single teenage mams that got in where bonny.

If you Want to give us an interview drop us a email through here, sounds mint!

In reply to tehmarks:

I was wondering if someone would post the link to that clip!

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