NEWS: Festival of Light Illuminates Catbells

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 UKH News 08 May 2018
Harry Baker Photography, 3 kbOn 5th May, the night time fells were lit up at night in a spectacular light show, as the third annual Lakeland Festival of Light came to Catbells. This charity event enlists hundreds of volunteers to create huge light trails.

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TomBishop 09 May 2018
In reply to UKH News:

Great news, and a great picture from on-top.

Four years on and still the amount of money raised is roughly the same as previous years, why? I am making the comparison to the same walk in 2016 as a direct comparison as it too had (500) walkers on Catbells.

This year 200 more walkers on-top of Catbells than 2016 (as an example) but the same amount of money.

We took part, one party member stayed on the shore line but no one was collecting money with a bucket - why not?

A bank holiday in Keswick and almost no one knew about the walk. No shops promoting this amazing event, why not?

Our b&b had no idea either. Why not?

The theatre had an event, which spilled out afterwards onto the road / pavement, people with buckets taking donations? Why not?

Great idea, a great execution, great atmosphere but in many ways it should be making £15-20K - and as for promotion, maybe have a partner handle this, even if you need to consult and bring in some more expert advice?

Of the images taken, these are the two best, by a country mile. Consider also from Walla Crag, Swinside and appreciate the Latrigg shots were a good idea but fell short in translation on the day.

Did the event garner any national attention?

5th anniversary in 2019. How about some Nepalese in Keswick? There are Nepalese in the UK, you don't need to fly them in from Kathmandu.

TV, Radio, (local and national) they were all absent this year.

For 2019 - I think a more strategic approach is going to be needed, else it will simply be more of the same, and that would be a real waste.

PS - coloured gels a fab' idea carried over from 2017.




This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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