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Roberttaylor - on 09 Nov 2017


If anyone knows where to find the link to the live data, care to share?
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saintlade - on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to Roberttaylor:

Apparently there will be a website sharing the data set up shortly.
Tricadam on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to saintlade:

Great idea, but a shame it'll only be there till next month - especially with the Aonach Mor one seemingly out of action at the mo.
NottsRich on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to Tricadam:

On the topic of things not working, does anyone know what's going on with the Nevis webcam? Is there an alternative?


Mark Bull - on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to NottsRich:

Not as useful for North Face conditions, but there is http://aboutfortwilliam.com/webcams/ben-nevis-and-fort-william
The Nevis range ones at http://www.winterhighland.info/cams/nevisrange/ are not all working either...
starbug - on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to Roberttaylor:

A quick look behind the headlines:

The newly installed weather station on the peak of Ben Nevis will only be in place until December, when it will be taken away again.This new station means visitors to the UnEarthed exhibition in Edinburgh next week will be able to take a look in real-time at weather conditions on the mountain.

The temporary weather station will produce weather data that can be compared to the Victorian records. The team aims to have initial comparisons on show at NERC's free interactive showcase event, UnEarthed, at Dynamic Earth, 17-19 November.

"this is a temporary weather station, which for four weeks will do the same work as the Victorian weathermen all those years ago. Thankfully, technology has moved on so there's no need for our team to be stationed at the summit over the winter months. If we can prove the data is robust, we're hopeful this could lead to a new, permanent weather station on the summit, which would be invaluable for meteorologists."

Not sure where the website alluded to in the post above is but either way its not there for very long, hopefully it can be proved to be of value and will get funded for the future.
NottsRich on 10 Nov 2017
In reply to Mark Bull:

Thanks. You're right, not too useful for N face conditions but still shows the snow line fairly well.

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