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highclimber - on 08 Jan 2013
I am doing more longer run/walks in the mountains and I need a lightweight bag that can carry the essentials - water, food, spare jacket map and compass.

I'd prefer it to have hip belt pockets and not too big.

oh, it needs to be quite cheap!

mrchewy - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber: I finally ended up with an OMM i-Drate 12ltr this year. Does the business but it's not perfect and I think all bags end up a compromise. £35 at Rat Race but I think it's an old model these days. Finished a 69 mile ultra run in a day whilst wearing it and has not one issue.
Run_Ross_Run - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber:

OMM ultra. 12 or 15. Both are good. 12 sounds like it will be more than big enough for what u want. 15 is just bigger with padded shoulder straps.

Waist/chest straps and pockets.

Love mine.
markk on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber: Lowe Alpine Rush 25 - excellent saks:
Wonrek - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber: I think you're going to find horses for courses. Walking doesn't generate the heat tht running does therefore you tend to wear more layers and require a different fit to a running bag.

Walking I'd recommend the OMM12 as previously mentioned, light good capacity reasonable fit.

Running though the OMM is tiring and moves around too much. It also has a looser fit so can cause chafing from riing about. The hydration sack that's on everyone's (running) back is the Salomon S-Lab Skin (5 or 12) superb piece of kit. The 12 holds all the mndatory kit for long ultra races in the mountins, waterproofs, mps, head torch, first aid, hat/gloves, food, water etc.

thedatastream on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber: I've speculatively bought an Alpkit Gourdon 20 for longer distance fell running to see how I get on with it. IF it turns out to be a bit of a slack fit I shall use it on the bike instead
Dave Todd - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber:

Don't know if you're near to a Decathlon, but they do some cheap (but very good value) 'trail' sacks...




as a couple of examples.
mattrm - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber:

You should be able to fit that into a bumbag really. Unless you have a massive jacket. Something like this will probably do:


Stops you from carrying too much.
martinph78 on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber: For "quite cheap" try Sports Direct. http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-x-lite-backpack-764851

Some of the gear in there is rubbish, but this rucksack looks like it would do the job nicely, and has quite large hip belts.

It's not as big as it looks in the picture. I haven't bought one as I have a camelbak, but I was tempted when I saw it in store.
tony on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to mattrm:

I'd second the suggestion of a bumbag instead of a rucsac. I do use both, but apart from some chafing at the back, I far prefer the bumbag. I use an OMM 3litre bumbag, and it's big enough for most runs.
Simon Caldwell - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to tony:
+1 for bumbag.

I use an OMM Ultra 6 litre bag, has a good water bottle holder and plenty of space for an extra layer/bivvy bag on long runs.
Wilbur - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber:

Omm last drop (10l). Have a look at he reviews on wiggle. Love mine - so comfy
r0b - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber:

Inov-8 Race Pro 12
cripper - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber:
Not quite as cheap but i got an inov-8 pack for xmas recently http://www.inov-8.com/New/Global/Product-View-RacePro-12.html?L=26
theres a few more on the site that are cheaper, and you can normally search around online for a good deal on them. but i've found its ideal for carrying everything in whilst on a run and doesnt wiggle around and chafe or anything. in fact i like it so much it seems to be replacing my old nike rucksack i've had since my school days!
localboy on 16 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber: Any of these sacks good for a long back (in total i'm 6'4" or 196cm)? My KIMM Sac has just about died after 22 years and i'm looking for a replacement.
hnmisty on 23 Jan 2013 - user-5AF532B3.broadband.tesco.net
In reply to highclimber:

I have this http://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/salomon-xa-20-rucksack-62410125 (in a nice girly purple :P), found it really comfy on a 50k race.
jamesc88 on 23 Jan 2013
In reply to highclimber: I run with this; http://www.oswaldbailey.co.uk/eshop.asp?wci=product&wce=54103701&desc=VANGO+MAYFLY+20+LITRE 6 miles a day commute to swimming pool - work. I fit 1 large towel, boardies, work pants/shirt and 750ml water bottle in the main compartment and the front is free for keys, wallet, phone etc. Not bad for a little over £15.

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