/ Where to go in the Dolomites next week - 02/12?

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Mark020 26 Nov 2019

If anyone has any suggestions for the best resort for early season skiing in the Dolomites that’d be appreciated.

A lot of the lifts are opening between the 30th and the 5th as far as I can tell from the Dolomiti Superski website but if someone has first hand information on where’s best at this time of year for the easiest access to the most reliable skiing that’d be perfect. 

We can get relatively straight forward flights to Verona or Venice and car hire is looking cheap so any of the resorts are viable. 

Finally if anyone has any hidden gems of accommodation they wish to share?

Been to the Dolomites a few times but never this early and always a package holiday.



Toerag 26 Nov 2019
Casa Alfredino 26 Nov 2019
In reply to Mark020:

Hi Mark,

firstly the Dolomites are in pretty awesome shape at the moment. Lots of snow don to a certain level just about everywhere. Quite a lot of the pistes are already made up and ready to go. Marmolada and Arabba is the most reliable but Marmolada still has a little while before it opens, god only knows why as the snow is basically all the way down to the lift house.

For the central Dolomites on the Italian side Venice is the right plac to go, South Tirol look at Innsbruck, a bit more pricey but the cars are better prepared and you have to bear in mind that there are quite a lot of passes closed at the moment!

As for somewhere to stay, take a look at my profile. I am utterly biased. The only issue is that the lift over to Arabba is closed until I believe the 5th, but we have Civetta 10 minutes down the road, Falcade, Falzarego and Arabba are all around half an hours drive. We are 2 hours from Venice... plus if you want to add ski hosting we can do that for you through our website...

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Mark020 29 Nov 2019
In reply to Casa Alfredino:

Thanks for the reply. (I meant to thank you sooner...)

We almost got in touch about checking your availability but have sorted ourselves a place near Corvara instead.

Your site has some useful info - cheers for that.




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