/ Skis that for B3 walking boots

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Si + Kim on 18 Nov 2012 - []

Does anyone Know if it is possible to get skis and ski bindings that will fit B3 walking boots?
and If is it any reccomendations for makes and places to buy them from?

Im looking for some short approach ski kinda things, that i can easily strap to my rucksack for a bit of fun while out an about in the snow this winter

SeasonalDrip on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to Si + Kim:

I'm no expert but I know It's certainly possible to get B3 compatible bindings. I've got some old fritchii 88 bindings which are pretty simple to use and minimalist, they fit my B3s fine. However, Its worth bearing in mind the reduced ankle support compared to proper ski boots. A quick search on needlesports turned up some shortish approach type skis at 2.8kg/pair so might be worth having a look (they do have a hefty price tag though). Personally I'd have a look on eBay or something similar and pick up a cheap used pair. But obviously that depends on your needs/experience/budget. As I mentioned my knowledge is a little limited, hope this helps a bit though.

Martin W on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to Si + Kim: The general consensus - eg here: - seems to be that skiing in climbing boots is not "fun", and it's preferable to climb in ski mountaineering boots if you anticipate being on skis at some point during the day.

This UKC article has some more information, including a contrary viewpoint - the author of which expanded on the subject in this ski review:
sdjhayes on 20 Nov 2012 -
In reply to Si + Kim: Don't do it... But if you must (and you will not have a good time, especially if you snap a tib or fib), look for old Silvretta bindings - the 404 would be favourite. These have a step in similar to a Crampomatic Crampon, so will fit any B3 with a heel and toe welt, but offer some release at the heel.
A B3 boot does not offer the rigidity that is necessary to protect the ankle and lower leg, so be VERY careful, if you do follow this route. I have heard people talking about using boots such as Spantiks for skiing - THIS IS A CLIMBING BOOT - don't be so stupid
(By the way - I have spantiks - I use them for Himalayan climbing...)
In reply to Si + Kim: I've skied quite extensively in climbing boots whilst on expeditions and all I can say is I'm glad it was never harder than blue run standard and the snow was fairly firm - even so, it was bloody difficult. It's much easier to climb in ski-mountaineering boots and I've done a bit of that as well. The downside comes when the snow runs out and you have to walk the last bit to the car in your ski mountaineering boots, carrying your skis.
Si + Kim on 22 Nov 2012 - []
Sounds like ill be better off taking my sledge,

Cheers for the advice.
mchardski - on 27 Nov 2012
In reply to Si + Kim:

I have a set of Rossi venture blades fs. just what u were asking about, for use with mountaineering boots. w skins. used once i skied off top of cairngorm on them. email me if you r interested.
terrarob on 27 Nov 2012
In reply to Si + Kim: Hiya, I have a pair of Hagan Extremes with Silvretta 500 bindings. These bindings will work with any welted boots so easuly fit a pair of B3's, although not the cheapest set-up ever!

I use these for access style touring. I haven't really 'skied' in them due to the lack of structure (and therefore protection) in the boots but they are a dream on long snowy approaches. The skis are small so you don't have a large A-frame in the way while climbing. Only downside is the lack of support for the ski down, but that is due to boot choice.

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