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Skimo/Mountain running Races

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 ford23 17 Sep 2020


I have just moved to Norway and am hoping to do lots of mountain running races and skimo races this year but cant find any information about them. Does anyone know where to find out about races in Norway?


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Your best bet is to touch base with a local club. It's an odd year for all sports. Big fell events, will often book up 12months in advance, so plan ahead and reserve your accommodation too. Most club websites will have their own calendar of local and national events. 


http://jogg.se/Grupper/Grupp.aspx?id=91 this a forum but it might help you with more local info.

 JuneBob 18 Sep 2020
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Welcome to Norway. Whereabouts will you be?

I participate in the Norwegian skimo championships each season, so I should be able to help out.

This is the webpage for the Norwegian randonee organisation, and plans the race calender each season: https://www.skiforbundet.no/randonee/

Usually the calendar comes out in November or so. 

Some races are one season only, but some are annual skimo events:


Romsdal Rando

Stryn 3000

Randoenern Oppdal


Tromsø Arctic skimo

In the summer there's mountain running races everywhere. Tromsø skyrace, xreid.com, kårvatn skyrun are some. It depends a bit on what you mean by mountain running. There's lots of wilderness races too.

Most events promote on Instagram, and also Facebook.

Most events also use eqtiming.no for entry.

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 ford23 20 Sep 2020
In reply to JuneBob:

Thanks for the info, super useful. So excited to start exploring Norway, by ski where possible!

I am going to be Oslo based but am happy to travel for races or trips. I will definitely keep an eye on the race calendar and fingers crossed races are on next year !


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