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Tim_Gomersall - on 28 Nov 2012
Hoping to head across to the dolomites for some ski mountaineering this winter. Looking for some suggestions of good easy to medium ski tours to do?

also does anyone have a copy of "freeride in dolomiti" they would like to sell.
Null on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to gomersallt:
There have been a plethora of new guides over our way the last few years.

You want to hear from Kean, the Powder Beast of Montebelluno
for information. (Hope you don't mind being referenced, mate).

If you are really stuck I will try to think of something intelligent to say, but at end of day everything depends on conditions, so you might consider contacting him or at worst me very near the time.
Kean - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to gomersallt:
This is link with some stuff. But I imagine you've already seen it, although my suggestions are quite steep.
Some easy stuff:
Forca Rossa from Passo San Pellegrino
Forcella della Neve from Lago Misurina
Mondeval from Passo Giau
Monte Sief from Castello Andraz

Depends a lot on prevailing conditions, when you come, where you're based etc...
A car is pretty much essential...
If you fancy grappling with Italian, have a look at this website, which is pretty much the main forum for Northeast Italy ski mountaineering.
Search criteria for most of Dolomites:
"Regione" Veneto
"Difficoltà" Sciatore medio (easy)

kenr - on 30 Nov 2012
In reply to gomersallt:
> does anyone have a copy of "freeride in dolomiti" they would like to sell.

I only just bought my copy a couple of weeks at a shop in France, so I feel it's a little early for me to sell it.

But maybe this guy will sell you one of his:
wildeybeast - on 01 Dec 2012
In reply to gomersallt: Val Chedul from Gardena Pass is short and easy, Val Mesdi is the classic (starting at Passo Pordoi) and also Monte Pore from Cinque Torre/Averau... You really need the book though, it's brilliant and very easy to use. So no, I can't sell you mine!!
wildeybeast - on 01 Dec 2012
In reply to wildeybeast: My girlfriend just reminded me that the ski down Val Chedul can be horrendous, as you end up on a steep narrow path, if it's icy it's horrible. The skin up is easy and short though!
Kean - on 02 Dec 2012
Another easy one I did yesterday. Col Duro. 700m of ascent. Park just below Passo Staulanza (Near Monte Pelmo) on N. side. Follow road to Rifugio Città di Fiume.(signposted, always well-pisted). Then continue N. The route's a little bit up and down, but objectively very safe, easy and superb views. Also above the rifugio there is Col de la Puìna, (can be seen in the background here: short, objectively safe but moderately steep ascent, which can be combined with Col Duro to make an excellent day's touring.

From the same start there is Forca Rossa, which heads up to a pass on Pelmo. This is quite steep at the top and can have avalanche risk.

All these are very well-frequented classics.
Excellent touring conditions now, with a lot of snow above 1600m
In reply to gomersallt: I second everything everyone has said. Def get the book, its great. Have a look at the Marmolada summit as well. You can take the VF up the west ridge and ski off the top, a really great day. (Though I'd prob give it a bit longer for the crevasses to fill in properly).

The Val Mesdi is one of the classics, easy but often busy.

The 'Keyhole' off Punta Anna near Cortina is really worth a look as well.

To many to choose from!
Tim_Gomersall - on 02 Dec 2012
I appreciate this is a bit of a long shot. But would anybody who has a copy of freeride in dolomiti be willing to lend me it up until mid January.

I would of course be happy to pay for postage and include enough for a couple of beers on its return.


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