/ Any been skiing in morocco recently? Much snow?

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Dnwsmith - on 04 Feb 2013
Hi there,

Am thinking of going skiing in and around Jebel Toubkal early March. Am having difficulty in finding any web pages other than snow looking at Oukaimeden ski resort for snow conditions, not so much forecast but how much snow is there.

Anyone been there recently or know of any resources that can show snow. Want to limit my chances of booking to go over if it is bare rock!

Many thanks

Mountain Llama on 04 Feb 2013
In reply to Dnwsmith: hi Dave off to toubakal region 4 a week 2mrw. Try giving Des Clark a shout here he works as a guide in country.

Cheers Davey
Dnwsmith - on 04 Feb 2013
In reply to Mountain Llama:

What dates are you going? You touring there? We might be there at the same time.
Bee_1 - on 04 Feb 2013
In reply to Dnwsmith:

I was there a month ago, not sure there was enough to ski on then tbh, bit of neve around in places but not the good coverings you would hope for!

Everyone was saying there had been much less snow that usual

I'm sure other people will be able to give you a more up to date report though.
Mountain Llama on 04 Feb 2013
In reply to Dnwsmith: 5 to 12 Feb, will be climbing.
Mountain Llama on 13 Feb 2013
In reply to Dnwsmith: Hi Dave, just got back from fantastic trip to toubkal area. Theres not much snow with mules going all the way to the refuges. Local guides say snow cover is lowest for a nos of years.

We were peak bagging and ice climbing, so conditions very good.

HTH Davey
ROB W - on 15 Feb 2013
Just got back ( 15th FEB) from 2 weeks guiding out there check out my web site for pic's ( ), not much snow, there was a team ski'ing down from the Clochertons col on the Toubkal side,did about 7 or 800 metres of descent and then it was combat ski'ing.Mules are getting straight to the refuge its a real dry season, we did Akioud, crap snow pack 3 or 4 inches crust then bottomless sugar, some patches of ok snow which would have been good once the sun had been on it,also did Toubkal,there was one spot were you'd get maybe 3 or 4 turns and thats it back to scree, summit almost snow free,Ras was the same. The Toubkal refuge was very quiet the first week, similar the second week, NO ski'ers, all treker's. There was a rumour of snow for this week, as there was a definate change in the weather from blue skie's every day to more high clouds, mares tails. Hope this helps
Dnwsmith - on 16 Feb 2013
In reply to ROB W:

Thank you very much for that, will check out your site. Not looking good then....

Looks like a great trip.

ROB W - on 16 Feb 2013
No prob's, Try mountain for latest forecast,looks like there may be a small amount of snow next week,but not much.Whilst we were there,we mainly ice climbed,on the falls and flows around the refuge,and further up the valley,theres quite alot to do,but as I mentioned the snow pack was in shocking state in places. The team that I did see,said what they did ski wasnt too bad, but did question as to wheather it was worth the long slog up to the col,Clochertons, for a few turns. They had come all the way from Colorado,so guess it was.The rocky ridge scramble leading up to Ras was snow free,the Tizi N Quagane is partialy snow free,you could get a few turns in on the other side though. and the classic line on Ras was almost complete,just a short rock band at the top,its a bold ski down at the best of times,gets quite narrow,about 3 metres,but with a good run out,The gully line leading up to Tizi n Tadat, was almost none existant, just thin lines,and not continuose,only near the top did it look sort of ok.
I would say,when I left the ski'ing potential was very very limited,with quite a bit of walking to be done,to get to snow line,you would have to have a good look around to find long descents,which I'd say at the moment realy are'nt there,but fingers crossed that may change???????. Have to say the whole place felt very very quiet compared to the 3 weeks I spent there last year at a similar time,but there was tons more snow last year. Pic's are not on the web site yet,but keep checking.
Dean hepworth on 16 Feb 2013 -
In reply to Dnwsmith: I was hoping to join a group in early April , are the conditions likely to be worse by then?
ROB W - on 17 Feb 2013
Hard to say at the moment,there is snow due mid week, this week,up to 8cm,which I guess is a start.But it will need much more,are you ski'ing/climbing/treking. Think if your ski'ing,looking at the state of play at the moment,as mentioned there will be alot of walking,to find any large areas of ski'able snow,the bowls and cwms below Akioud were quite well filled,but the snow pack was a real pain.Its a real wait and see type situation I afraid.Keep an eye on the forecast and make a decision on that,and whatever other info you can get,as mentioned drop Des Clarke an e-mail as he lives out there and will certianly have a finger on the pulse as to what the conditions are like.

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