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guitarshane 04 Aug 2019

It'll be different for everyone but I was interested in what people's thoughts are on nutrition leading up to and during a Tranter round. Would you be loading up on anything the day before? What foods and how much would you carry on the round? Any idea on roughly how many calories would be burnt during it? 

DaveHK 09 Aug 2019
In reply to guitarshane:

I just eat normally before no need to load up. 

During, like you say everyone is different and it'll depend a bit on how long you plan to take and how hard you'll be working. Cereal bars, nuts n raisins, jelly babies, maybe a cheese sandwich for some savoury, that kind of thing.  And I'll take some caffeine gels in case I hit the wall.

CacCarnBeag 26 Aug 2019
In reply to guitarshane:

Hi Shane, I attempted this yesterday but missed out Carn Mor Dearg and Ben nevis.

I took:

- 8 gels

- pre prepared Hobnobs with peanut butter, 300g

- Jelly bables 200g

- Packet of baby food 100g

- I drunk 6L of Water, plenty refill spots

I ate everything, and ran out of food at Aonach Mor, so I didn't take enough. Next time I will take a sandwich and some bars, in addition to the above list.

I didn't really load up. Getting a good sleep seemed to be key.

Roadrunner6 27 Aug 2019
In reply to guitarshane:

I dont think you need to carb load. As an active person your body is pretty good at that.

I'm a big fan of PB and J sandwiches, squash up, nutritious, or nutella sandwiches.

I don't count calories, just keep eating, I work on eating something every 40-60 minutes and a PB&J every 2-3 hours.

I recently did a 50 mile unsupported mountain run and took 8 gels, 4 chocolate bars, 2 packs of salted nuts, 3 sandwiches. We were out for 12 hours and energy wise felt great.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.