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New trail runner help

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 Benbarden 15 Dec 2019

Hi all I'm new to running and mostly doing trail did my first 20km this weekend and have a few questions 

1 how do u dry your shoes I no u can fill them with news paper or leave them in the sun (live in uk so what sun) but do the shoe dryers work the ones that you plug in 

2 I need to carry water next time I run what do people think of vests vs belts needs to have room to carry water phone keys gels for the day 


 girlymonkey 15 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

I use a plug in shoe dryer, it's excellent. Some are crap though, do your research.

I also stick my shoes through the wash very regularly. People will tell you this can ruin them, I see no evidence of that at all but it does make the shoes much nicer to put on and stops them becoming really nasty.

I have a very small (4 litre I think) camelback rucksack. I don't use the bladder in it, I found it really sweaty on my back with the bladder. I stick a small bottle in it, a small goretex jacket and a few other we essentials depending on where I am going and what conditions I am expecting.

Glad you are enjoying it! I had a good snowy run last week in the ochils 😊

 Benbarden 15 Dec 2019
In reply to girlymonkey:

Gr8 will have a look at the dryers try to find a good one 

I have a small camel back but dont like the bumping about may try it again and see if I can make it work but also like the idea of not having to stop to get stuff out 

 Ridge 15 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

I was given an electric shoe dryer as a present a couple of years ago, and it's brilliant at this time of year.

I prefer just dunking my trainers in warm soapy water after a run and rinsing them rather than using a washing machine.

I use an innov8 race vest in preference to a bumbag as it distributes the weight, particularly  water, much better.

Edit: I have a small camelback for walking, but found it uncomfortable for running, too much bounce and the straps tend to need re-tightening frequently.

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 girlymonkey 15 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

As I don't use the bladder, I do still have to stop and get stuff out! Mine is very close fitting and as long as I pack it well then it doesn't bounce at all. Many of these things are so dependent on body shape etc that it's just trial and error to see what suits you personally. Maybe ask about and see if people near you have various options that you can try to see what you like before you buy it?

In reply to Benbarden:

At this time of the year, there's a special area just by the heater with a towel (rag) to dry out gear. It's not direct heat, so it takes a while. Realistically, you will end up having more than one pair of shoes anyway... 

Water wise, you can get trail running shorts/tights with pockets that hold water, dedicated belts, etc. I don't like anything around my hips in that way - I do use few running vests with soft bottles in front.

You don't need to spend £150 for one - deals to be had around. I got a Salomon Adv Skin 12L vest for £36 from Amazon. It included two soft bottles and a space blanket. Shame I am going to return it as I dropped from "almost Large" to "Medium is too baggy now, need to go to Small", but not small enough for XS/S on Salomon vests!  

There's nothing wrong with something like Salomon Agile 2 which are cheap, but the side straps are not the comfiest and it doesn't hold much (well...). 

Montane does quite good rucksacks and I am in a love-hate relationship with my Montane Via Jaws 10L one. I might be spoiled by Salomon S/LAB Sense Ultra 5 that I got recently (Black Friday...). That one is like 95% perfect. 

 SouthernSteve 15 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

When doing something short I just use a belt with one pocket for phone and keys and the other for a 250ml bladder. You have to twist it to get the most comfortable feel (bladder just over front of right hip for me), but it is very unobtrusive compared to my vest which is about 10 L and things don't bump around as in a jacket pocket.

I take the insoles out and dry them with a towel and quite often then go out in slightly damp shoes. 

 Deleted bagger 16 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

I take the insoles out and put them on the rack above the Rayburn. I leave the shoes on the floor next to the warming oven. It worked for Joe Grundy................😏

 yorkshireman 16 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

Congratulations in getting into running trails, I've never looked back since starting about 10 years ago. I've been lucky since we've always had an outhouse area and now a basement where I can leave my shoes without bothering the rest of the house so not had to worry too much. I've also got about 9-10 pairs on the go (although really only 3-4 day-to-day) so they get chance to dry. But that's a bit obsessive so you've a while until you get there.

I invested in a shoe dryer literally last week. I got this one and it seems to work OK. So much so that I'm now ordering another as it's this time of year it will be pulling double duty on ski boot liners etc.


Carrying water is a personal thing. On long stuff, I go for a vest with soft flasks on the chest (usually an Ultimate Direction AK3.0). I ran a race last week and just used a Kalenji belt with 2x250ml flasks - I can't find it on Decathlon UK


The race was only 2 hours but was obviously cold, so the little flasks were more than enough and mainly it was to carry my phone and car keys. It can bounce around a bit but wasn't too bad. 

For anything under 90 minutes I wouldn't bother with water unless it was particularly hot but again this is personal preference and depends on a lot of factors. As you get more experienced at running you'll go further and faster with less effort so therefore need less water.

 Benbarden 17 Dec 2019

Great thanks all right now I am slow fat and unfit but always liked hiking started climbing 2years ago and am now loving trails just need to find lots of good ones will definitely be picking up a shoe dryer and will try to get to some shops soon to look at vests as with phone keys gels food dog lead and anything else I think vest will be the way to go my 20km run was 3h long 

 JuneBob 18 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

I often take my shoes into the shower with me. They're already soaked, but also muddy, so I get rid of the mud. Then leave them out to dry, nothing special. I have heated floors in the bathroom which helps. I do at least a couple of trail runs per week.

For carrying stuff I have a Salomon backpack, I don't like having anything tight across my stomach, so I prefer the backpack as it just has straps across the chest. I sometimes pad out the contents with a light puffa or similar to prevent things bouncing around as much.

 steelbru 18 Dec 2019
In reply to Benbarden:

This Aonojie vest is a direct rip-off of the Salomon 5L vest, gets good reviews, and is a lot, lot cheaper

Or, if you prefer to see what you're buying, go to a Decathlon store if there's one near you, and check out their Kalenji vest, also good reviews and cheap

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