Long distance running a few days after a colonoscopy

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 manontill 10 Jun 2021

Look away now if you're squeamish. 

So next Wednesday, a camera is going where no camera should need to go and on the Saturday I've got a 70k ultra. Not bothered about the procedure in itself but these things usually have a bit of tissue sampling and other tidying up stuff with maybe some potential for bleeding. I don't want to dip out of the run but has anyone else had any experience of being stretchered off a hill after one, or am I just due some general abuse about being a wuss and stocking up on pork pie for the run? 

 minimike 10 Jun 2021
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You’ll be fine. Bit ‘gaseous’ for a day or so but otherwise no noticeable effects..

 The Potato 10 Jun 2021
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You having sedation?

I don't normally bother, not had any problems after so pretty sure you'll be fine

 More-On 10 Jun 2021
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I've sadly had more than my fair share of these, but can say you should be fine. I've had no bad side effects and any feelings of discomfort have disappeared within a day.

Having said that just make sure you apply the vaseline as directed when you start the purging!!

Most importantly i hope the prognosis is good.

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Ensure that they extract the apparatus... You'll be grand. 

 gravy 11 Jun 2021
In reply to Darren Jackson:

The procedure itself probably only has a minor impact but the purge that proceeds it is probably more significant as it takes quite a lot out of you. You may also lose some sleep depending on the timing of your purge.

Assuming this is routine and you compensate for the purge you should be fine. However, some conditions which may lead to a colonoscopy can make the purge and procedure somewhat more debilitating but my feeling is if you would be fit to run an ultra without the colonoscopy then this caveat does not apply.

I don't have the sedation so I don't know personally about that but I understand that's not a big deal.  If you don't have the sedation the main thing to remember is periods of discomfort are transitory and fleeting.

 manontill 14 Jun 2021

Cheers all, it's helpful to get a few thoughts from outside my own addled brain

This will be the third one (5 year screenings due to family history) and if it's anything like last time the purge will be more exhausting than the procedure. I've had a bit of leg cramping the last week or two which I've put down to messing up electrolyte balance in the warmer weather so that's probably more of an issue with the time available to put it right around the low residue diet and Moviprep.

Last night's 18k over Stanage and Burbage in the dark was a bit of a car crash (3 hours!)  so I'll see how it goes these next few days, the confidence issues might just be inside my head right now. 

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Just in case you've never seen it, make sure you read the infamous Agent Picolax thread -

(I'm not sure I would recommend reading this to an "anal investigation" virgin, but since you've had this done previously...)

 Toby_W 14 Jun 2021
In reply to manontill: The whole thing will be a let down (😉) I had one and was expecting to have some funny stories to tell like the picolax thread on single track but the laxatives are kinder, the camera tiny and even the little tv they had was not showing anything interesting.

Good luck with the run and don’t worry about the checkup.




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