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Knee physio recommendation South Manchester

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 The Grist 22 Nov 2019

Have had pain in my left knee on and off for about ten months now and tried not running, running slowly, stretching and long periods of rest. Nothing seems to be solving the issue. It is probably just because I am 43 and my knees are knackered......but it is probably time to get some professional advice rather than just complain about it. 

Any recommendations for the above? If you are a Manchester physio with experience of knee issues feel free to get in touch. 

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Doug Jones of Altius Healthcare is superb.


 Mr Fuller 23 Nov 2019
In reply to The Grist:

I had long term knees issues which I've relatively recently got rid of. I wrote some stuff about it here which may or may not prove useful:


I'm Stockport based and tried a few physios and while a few helped me I never quite got it fixed until I went over to Leeds to see the Coach House's (CSPC) knee specialist. He made the biggest difference.

 Stig 23 Nov 2019
In reply to Mr Fuller:

There’s an absolutely brilliant physio in Stockport - Adrian Edwards who works out of the old NHS building on the A6 opposite Stockport College. He sorts everyone out from Stockport Harriers. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

 Fruit 24 Nov 2019
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bit further south, but contact Rick Carter at ctc healthcare. Knows his knees he does.

 Mr Fuller 24 Nov 2019
In reply to Stig:

Goody tip, wasn't aware of him. Thanks!

 rob sykes 25 Nov 2019
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I've been to see Nick Syrett at Doctorcall Manchester on St Anne's Square a few times.  Nick is a runner himself - Chorlton Runners I think?  I've a pin in my ankle from a fractured talus which has affected my glutes.  

He assessed me by watching me try (and wobble through) some balancing exercises then watched/filmed me on a treadmill to monitor my style before giving me some follow up exercises to do.  He's a physio so could offer this too.  

More info here: https://www.doctorcall.co.uk/physiotherapy/running-gait-and-movement-analysis 

Best of luck getting it sorted!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.