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PPP 17 Oct 2019

I am just hot off 20-something week training schedule for my first marathon. I have been doing more structured running for last two years and it's paying off in terms of results. I've done 5 races this year (10K 41:02, Full 3:23:55) which were not bad results, after all. I'm looking forward to improve those times. 

However, those 50-60 mile weeks for last few months left very little room for hills and social life. I've done few trail runs and few Munros, but not as much as I'd like to. Also, I did skip few meet ups with friends because of races or busy training schedules.

My primary goals:

  • Stay injury free
  • Get out on the hills over the winter
  • Lose some weight (still a bit to work on, 5'10", 69kg)
  • Stay relatively fit running wise throughout the winter
  • Once winter is over, get more hill runs done and hopefully get into trail races. Maybe another training plan for Autumn half/full

My current thinking is to fit as many easy runs as possible during the week and get out on the weekends. The schedule would be something like:

Mon - recovery, 4-6 mi

Tue - speed/tempo, 8 mi total 

Wed - recovery 4-6 mi

Thu - medium-long run, 10-15 mi

Fri - recovery 3-5 mi 

Sat-Sun hills or long run (12-18 mi)

That brings me to 29-35 mpw + hills OR 41-63 mpw without hills. Realistically, I would drop few recovery runs when/if needed to catch up with friends/life/work. 

Any advice? 

wbo2 17 Oct 2019
In reply to PPPooks ok.  For weekends what does hills mean?

PPP 17 Oct 2019
In reply to wbo2:

Thanks! Mainly hill walks and easy winter routes (grade I-II). Possibly few overnighters, but I tend not to make them a habit in winter time

Eric9Points 17 Oct 2019
In reply to PPP:

I suspect you'll know better about your midweek running after a couple of hill runs.

I assume you're in Scotland from your photos (nice by the way), if so why not try a moderately long slowish run like the Aonach Eagach and the Three Sisters and a short fast run like the 4 munros on the North side of Glen Lyon. The two will give you an idea of how contrasting days out feel to you.

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