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Garmin Footpod

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 jay.mac 24 Jan 2020

I am currently looking for a Garmin foot pod to better record my indoor and treadmill sessions but having zero luck sourcing. Came across this article about a new pod.


Looks interesting. Anybody know if/when this is going to be released?

In reply to jay.mac:

Not exactly what you asked but I'm using a zwift one going into the milestone pod app which I'm fairly sure will sync with Garmin

 Shaunhaynes99 24 Jan 2020
In reply to jay.mac:

Dont treadmills have a readout on them for stuff like this?

 SouthernSteve 24 Jan 2020
In reply to jay.mac:

Would this be an alternative


I can't find the other one on the Garmin site - has it been released yet

 petemeads 24 Jan 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

Yes, if you can trust them, but if you want your Garmin to record your sessions properly and calculate effort and load and training benefit you need a speed/cadence/distance measuring device that the watch can read. Most treadmills use Bluetooth if they send any data at all...

 jay.mac 25 Jan 2020
In reply to SouthernSteve:

Not really what I am looking for. I like a foot pod as it should give more consistant data of speed/distance than the accelerometers in a watch attached to your wrist for obvious reasons. It is also easier for logging your runs than taking details of the treadmill, especially if doing intervals etc. 

Anybody work for/with Garmin?  

 Shaunhaynes99 26 Jan 2020
In reply to petemeads:

Ok fair enough. 

 SebCa 26 Jan 2020
In reply to jay.mac:

I was under the impression both the footpod and the run dynamic thingy were about to be upgraded. Which may explain their lack of availability.

Im also pretty sure the Garmin Run HRM does all the functions of the footpod, so you will get accurate HR data and all your run dynamics as well.

 petemeads 26 Jan 2020
In reply to SebCa:

In my experience the footpod is more accurate than the HRM-Run, because you can calibrate it manually by trial and error, and the accelerometer in the watch itself is the least accurate. None of them is perfect but my footpod is within about 1.5% at my normal treadmill paces - assuming the treadmill is reasonably constant, of course...

 SebCa 26 Jan 2020
In reply to petemeads:

Thats interesting thanks, may look to expand my kit locker when the new one comes out

 MKH 28 Jan 2020
In reply to jay.mac:

I have heard good things about the Stryd but having just seen the price I can't see it being viable. I have the Garmin footpod but it's only of benefit on the treadmill - the HR Strap (red sensor thingy) does the run dynamics thing somehow without the pod.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.