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Garmin / Strava problems

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My wife has a Garmin forerunner watch which seems to work fine but when she syncs with Strava only the first half of her run translates across. 

Anyone else know of this problem and how to fix it?

 steelbru 02 Jan 2020
In reply to thepodge:

Is the complete run showing on Garmin Connect ? If so problem with the GC -> Strava link

If only part run on GC, and same part run on Strava, then Garmin -> Strava ok, and problem is with watch or watch -> GC link

Depending on which one of the above will direct who to you should call, or where to investigate further.

Which watch is it ? Is the upload via a cable or over wifi or cellular data ?

In reply to thepodge:

I'll have to double check but I think the watch and Garmin connect app are correct and upload is generally over wi-fi.

 DancingOnRock 02 Jan 2020
In reply to thepodge:

It could be this. But usually the file won’t import at all. 


Might be best to delete all the data from the watch as they do odd things when they get full. 

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 jethro kiernan 02 Jan 2020
In reply to DancingOnRock:

Clearing the back log of old data works for older garmins 

 steelbru 02 Jan 2020
In reply to thepodge:

If clearing out old runs doesn't help, then check you've got the latest software installed.

Also, if it's a new-ish watch that you can download widgets, apps, fields, watchfaces, etc from Connect IQ, then remove all these, if any installed, to ensure there's no rogue developer code screwing things up. They generally just affect battery life if not coded well, but worth taking the watch back to basics.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.