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Garmin 645 Music less than £200! New release?

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Argos are selling this watch for a staggeringly low price. £199.99 for anyone seeking a huge bargain.  My 645 (non music) was £330 when is was first released. 

I want to upgrade mine and it makes me think that perhaps Garmin are bringing out a new run only, high end watch.  The tri-watches aren't needed for me as I don't cycle or swim

I fancy an upgrade and cant see any news about the likely launch of a 645/645m replacement.  For obvious reasons, it's notoriously difficult to get any info about new releases  but wondered if anyone knew of when the 645 will be replaced, which shouldn't be long given its a 2 year old platform now.

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 TMM 02 Jan 2020
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

SportPursuit have been selling the non-music version for £174.99 for the last month as well.

Tempted to upgrade on my 235 but struggling to justify it it as it really does all I need.

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Wow, that is a low cost. 

They must be releasing a new one soon with those prices....

 Shaunhaynes99 03 Jan 2020
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I keep thinking that with my 35.  The thing i miss is the gpx route plotting  that 235 had but i think  we like new shiny toys 

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 neuromancer 03 Jan 2020
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I bought one of the 645 non m's (because I always run with my phone) from SP.

Even not paying the VAT, the battery life is shocking compared to my old Fenix 3 HR, and the optical HRM less reliable.

I will likely sell it and get a 6 when they drop.

 Ridge 03 Jan 2020
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

Maybe they're just not shifting them? I have a (non music) 245, and although I liked the idea of a barometric altimeter I couldn't justify the large price jump to a 645, especially as the battery life wasn't as good.

In reply to Ridge:

Strange. You're the second the reference the battery yet mine has been really good. It works for over a week on a single charge.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.