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TCP - on 21 Dec 2018

Anyone torn a calf muscle? I have put a minor tear in mine not a full rupture. Stayed off it for around 3 weeks ish and ran on it. Did a few more short sessions and it went again. So staying off it again for a minimum of 6 weeks. Anyone got any idea of recovery times? - I think its what is referred to as a type 2 injury. Went to a physio he loosened it all up and its fine to walk on but I can tell its still a bit tight. Bit paranoid about trying it again too soon but getting bored....

Stuart (aka brt) - on 21 Dec 2018
In reply to TCP:

18 monts (tear when I hyper extended my right calf), but that's because I'm an idiot and thought I knew better than my wife (a physio.).

It didn't help that my base fitness is good and cycling proved no problem which enticed me to keep pushing too soon. 

Now I'm fixed into stretching the scar tissue and doing lots of weighted calf raises, plus 'feeling' the signs when running (it would pop without much warning so now I get an idea from what the run feels like - abstract sorry).

So the 18 months headline is really me fannying about for 12 of them, doing no running for six weeks, and hitting the regime for the rest of that time.

So far so good and I'm now able to do off road hill reps at about 8/10 effort with no compulsion to push on yet.

Good luck. 

Gav Parker - on 21 Dec 2018
In reply to TCP:

Yes Ive done the same a few times running you are best leaving it for six weeks and try something else that doesn’t work the calf. Then when you start running again build up very slowly any feel of tightness stop immediately!! Regular massage when fixed helps I think and lots of stretching.

wbo - on 21 Dec 2018
In reply to TCP:Lots of information misssing.  If it was torn 3 weeks sounds a bit short, but telling a tear form a strain can be hard.  In the body of the muscle, not the tendon?

How much running do you normally do? What shoes? What does short session mean - short track session?


TCP - on 21 Dec 2018
In reply to wbo:

It was too soon I kind of knew but tried it anyway 

I think the first tentative run which was around 3km at a slow pace fooled me. I did not get a response from my leg so repeated about 3 days later and felt a little tightness. Should have known better. Before the incident was not running more than 2 to 3 times a week and never on 2 consecutive days. That’s how I tore it - I broke the rule and ran on the Saturday and then on the Sunday on tired legs. Did not feel that bad when I did it - the following morning was limping like mad. Was in a pair of brooks revels on the road. 

Soke to someone else this afternoon who has done something similar. He thought around 6 weeks of not much and then a slow build up after that. 

SouthernSteve on 03 Jan 2019

In reply to maxamber:

> ...This can effectively alleviate your pain...

Paracetamol or similar is far more likely to help. Are you selling this stuff!

In reply to TCP:

Taping can be useful for the calf; using even the more robust kinesiology tape may not limit movement that much (I don't really want to start a debate about how it works), but you kind of know its there and this seems protective to me. Also consider wearing longer tightish socks to reduce any swelling. These might help you return to running. I used this after my last calf problem with great success. 

As the physio did I would foam roll or massage all the bits that don't hurt to take the tension off the area

Consider walking on the days when you would otherwise be running - so if you are on a T,W,TH,S,S plan try to get out for a bit on those days so you aren't too deconditioned. You could probably do some indoor cycling to keep your fitness up and do some strength and conditioning exercises if you can be bothered.

There are some hopping/step tests you can use in the house to see whether you are fit for running - here is one for when you think you are almost there for instance  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GstZkiidIfc and when you are better I would be tempted to look at calf raises - if for instance you can currently do 50 on your good leg and on 15 on the bad one, you have a marked disparity and I would not rush to run.

Did the physio say to go back or give you any progressions? If not it might be worth seeking out a sports-centric physio in future. 

HTH - currently injured after throwing myself over a sleeping policeman in the dark - it is an utter ********.


TCP - on 03 Jan 2019
In reply to SouthernSteve:

I worked out its around 4 weeks since I tried running on it and twanged it again. I have just come back from Bulgaria skiing for a week without any problem. But its a different muscle group - skiing gets your upper leg/quad. But was relieved the calf injury did not flare up. 

I can do the 50 hops on both legs and do heel drops/raises without pain. What I still get is a feeling of tightness. Not sure of the name but if you do the calf stretch where you drop your knee to a wall and measure the max distance that your leading toe can be from the wall without raising your heel during the stretch - my undamaged leg feels free and without tightness, the other has less range. I think I will still leave things another week or two and do a very short jog on the flat and see what happens. Have got a roller so continue with that. Was recommended a longer sock that creates support so will try em.

SouthernSteve on 03 Jan 2019
In reply to TCP:

Sounds like you are almost there - just don't go mad

Perhaps try a calf warm up routine each time you go out

The area suggests the soleus is involved, perhaps some strengthening would be good

Although I find these videos a bit annoying at times, James Dunne appears very sound from a few years of experience through a strength and conditioning program I joined when I did my calf in 2014.

Good luck and good running.

TCP - on 10 Jan 2019
In reply to SouthernSteve:

Cheers had a look at the clips followed them and leg was ok - went for a 3km run this evening and nothing gave way. Now to try and not over do it......the hard bit!

Wilderbeest - on 12 Jan 2019
In reply to TCP:

I checked out the first clip (I’m in same position as you, slight calf strain 2 weeks old)

I’m nowhere near able to do 300 reps...didn’t think I was that weak

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