NEW ROUTE CARD: Back O'Skiddaw - Carrock Fell to Great Calva

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 Daniel Dalton 24 Jun 2020

Sunrise from High Pike, with views of Mungrisdale Common and Carrock FellThe hills that lie north of Skiddaw and Blencathra are known by hillwalkers and locals alike as the Back O'Skiddaw. Grassy and heathery with very little rock, seeing another walker is something of an event in these deserted hills, and the miles pass easily. It's a very rewarding day out. On a clear day, views can stretch to Carlisle, over the Solway Firth, and across to the North Pennines. Starting off in the Mosedale valley near the Old Carrock Mine and the River Caldew, an easy ascent to the top of Carrock Fell commences the start of a splendid undulating fell top traverse of High Pike, Knott and Great Calva, eventually dropping down to the Cumbria Way to return to the road head.


In reply to Daniel Dalton:

Good work! This is a beautiful route with a wild feeling you don't get on many of the fells!

OP Daniel Dalton 25 Jun 2020
In reply to JM:

Cheers! Living locally, I’m up there all the time, a fantastic part of the lakes that is rarely visited. You can have just as good a day up there, then some of the more popular areas! 

 Simon Caldwell 26 Jun 2020
In reply to Daniel Dalton:

Just hope the publicity for "this is a quiet place to go" doesn't backfire
Though I feared it would when UKH published their article on quiet places to go when lockdown was eased, and was proved wrong.

In reply to Simon Caldwell:

Some places are destined to always be at the esoteric end of the spectrum, irrespective of how many articles are written about them. 

It'll be a strange day indeed when Great Calva has as many people on it as Scafell Pike, that's for sure

 DaveHK 26 Jun 2020
In reply to Daniel Dalton:

A lovely bit of the Lakes. I had a great day just after Christmas a few years ago doing something like this:

Followed by a couple of excellent pints in the Old Crown.

In reply to Daniel Dalton:

When I did eventually get onto the Back O'Skiddaw area, I was pleasantly surprised at what lovely walking country it was. So it's not got dramatic cliffs, etc. But you can walk for miles on pleasant (not too rough) ground underfoot just striding out and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

 Root1 26 Jun 2020
In reply to Daniel Dalton:

Stop advertising my favourite patch yer basterds.

OP Daniel Dalton 27 Jun 2020
In reply to DaveHK:

Looks a cracking day that! The Old Crown Round is not your typical lakeland fell race/hillwalking challenge, all great ground to run on. Back in the day there used to be a keg of beer (supplied by the local pub) at each checkpoint that participants could have a drink from, a bit different from handing in a plastic token!

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