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Adventure race, running holiday and other ideas?

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I've got a fairly dense schedule for the first half of the year: trail marathon, 50K, 55 miles all up to May. As a precaution, I haven't signed up for any races for Summer or Autumn. Tireeultra is already sold out for September.

I don't know yet if I want to race and that being whether trail ultra, fell or road, so I thought it might be a good idea just to take the competitiveness out of the question and just go for something fun. I've been thinking of either a trail race or multi-day event somewhere else than Scotland, or just a good destination for trail/mountain running. 

I did a wee bit of running in Fuerteventura last year and with some more planning I could see some potential. Running through the desert was fun, but still a bit too hot when I was there. I was training for a road race, so didn't go for either long runs or up the hills, which looked truly amazing. 

Any suggestions? Ideally something not super expensive with good weather. 

 SouthernSteve 26 Jan 2020
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I have always fancied the Via Valais – a 'runners Haute Route', but having climbed a fair bit in Switzerland in the past I can there being lots of other possibilities and I suspect also in Austria.

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Good shout! Though the only organiser I could find (so far) charges $4k. I don't mind going self organised, but there's a bit of stuff to be carried for potentially 7 days. 

I had GR221 in Mallorca in a bucket list for quite some years now, and it's only 2-3 days on the trail. Spending few days at a beach after that wouldn't be a stupid idea. Assuming no massive chafing, that is .

 goatee 26 Jan 2020
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Have a look at the Kerry Way Ultra. 200k approx. Counts towards UTMB as well

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If multi day isn't a requirement, then Lakes in a Day?  Though I can't suggest you'll get good weather, though you might, there have been years when it's been stunning (and years when it's been terrible).

The route is just stunning, though.  If you're not up for a time, just take it easy and enjoy it.

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 Lrunner 27 Jan 2020
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I ran the GR221 in 2010, its fantastic, the views are awesome and there are some dirt cheap but lovely refuges to stay on the way. Highly recommended and can be done in road shoes. The nav is easy too.

I've got the Paddy Dillon guide which I can send if you want.


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Thanks everyone! I am staying away from 100 milers this year. I haven't done an ultra, so it feels like it's reasonable not to do a 100 same year - keep that new experience too

GR221 is staying high on the list, now been thinking of some crazy challenge in Scotland (self-supported bothy to bothy maybe?) and Lakes in a Day sounds like a hell of a challenge. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I promised myself not to enter any races until I'm done with the Cateran Ultra, then see if I can walk at all after that. 

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Lakes in a Day is great.  For some stupid reason I keep going back!  (Finished twice, DNFed twice, which probably says how borderline I am on being able to do it )

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 Ged Desforges 31 Jan 2020
In reply to PPP:

The OMM in Austria in october

 Roadrunner6 02 Feb 2020
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Auzat in the Pyrenes is great, around the MontCalm marathon/ultra. Its awesome trail and mountain running and also road biking.


When I was there it was just a marathon over two ~3000m peaks.

 supersteve 02 Feb 2020
In reply to PPP:

There is an ultra in Fontainebleau in March. Cheap. Easy to get to. Plus you can go climbing before / after. 


 Simon Caldwell 03 Feb 2020
In reply to Ged Desforges:

> The OMM in Austria in october

It's at the start of August this year

 Simon Caldwell 03 Feb 2020
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The weather's not likely to be great, but also not likely to be awful. We did it 2 years ago, and race day was the best of the week (sunshine and cloud inversions), but we still managed 2 days walking and 1 day climbing earlier in the week.

 Ged Desforges 03 Feb 2020
In reply to Simon Caldwell:

That's what I meant!  Don't know why I wrote October.  Too used to associating OMM with October!

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