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brunoschull - on 10 Sep 2018


I am looking for a specific Lynn Hill video to show my nine-year old daughter, who is getting really interested in climbing.

I think the video was a from a few years ago--it follows Lynn Hill and a young female sport climber as they tackle a trad route somewhere in the mountains, or maybe the desert.  I liked the contrast of styles and generations.  Come to think of it, it might even have been Lynn Hill and two other younger climbers.  If I remember correctly, they faced a change of weather, or maybe a storm, at the end. 

In any case, it is not the video about Lynn Hill and Katie Brown (which is also cool).

Any ideas, or am I just not remembering this incorrectly?




Ron Rees Davies - on 10 Sep 2018
In reply to brunoschull:

Can't help with the one your looking for, but there's a nice BMC video of Libby Peter climbing with her 9yo daughter. 


Andy Gamisou - on 10 Sep 2018
In reply to brunoschull:

Sounds to me like the one with a young Beth Rodden in Madagascar. https://lynnhillclimbing.com/media/climbs-travels/madagascar/

I have the vhs of it.  I imagine it must be possible to find it somewhere.

Andy Reeve on 10 Sep 2018
Andy Gamisou - on 10 Sep 2018
In reply to Andy Reeve:

No I don't think so.  The video I have is about 45 mins.  The YouTube video might be a clip from it, but doesn't look very familiar to me.

This is the one I have:  https://www.amazon.com/Expeditions-Madagascar-Womans-First-Ascent/dp/B0000A5A00

On second thoughts, I do think the youtube vid is from the one I've got, albeit a heavily abridged version. Doesn't seem to feature Beth Rodden much though, so OP might prefer full version for his daughter.

Postscript - my god but trying to edit UKC thread posts on a mobile device is a miserable experience. On a tablet I have it's actually impossible. Switched to smart phone - possible just, but damn frustrating with the ruddy text entry going all over the place.

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brunoschull - on 10 Sep 2018
In reply to Ron Rees Davies:

Thanks for that!  That's a real gem.  I'm definitely going to watch that with my daughter.  Awesome. 


beardy mike - on 10 Sep 2018
In reply to brunoschull:

There's also this one with Katie Brown doing wet denim daydream on the Leaning Tower in Yosemite.


Andy Gamisou - on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to brunoschull:

So was the one I referenced the one you were thinking of?

glsuds - on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to brunoschull:

It's not the Outside the Box one where she climbs with Anna Stohr and Juliane Wurm is it?  Lynn played excerpts of it at the Women's Climbing Symposium and there was definitely nasty weather brewing at the end!




Neil Henson - on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to brunoschull:

Sorry I don't know the video you are referring to.

However, there is a really good video of her climbing with Cubby on Pabbay, which your daughter may enjoy. Was from the Face series I think (available on VHS).

brunoschull - on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to glsuds:

Yes!  That's the one!  I didn't remember it correctly, but I knew it was about Lynn Hill climbing with a younger female climber, or with two younger climbers. 

Thanks so much! 

And thank you to everybody else for the other suggestions.  Those are great videos too, and they will go into the library. 

There are so many good videos of awesome young sport climbing women, lots of role models, but it's nice to see another side too (some history, trad climbing, tough women with gray hair, and so on).

This could easily devolve into a "father is so proud of his daughter" thread, but I have climbed with my daughter for a few years in the gym and outside, never will pressure, always fun, with games, sweets when she gets to the top, and so on.  She's nine years old now.  Just recently, she started to demonstrate real interest and ability. 

For example, last Friday, after practicing for a while mock leading, she decided she was ready to start leading easy sport routes (3c/4a) in the gym.  It came from her.  It was her idea.  I trusted that she was ready, and she was!  Then she really surprised me by rocketing up a 5c on top rope with absolutely no difficulty.   I was astonished!   We have a family vacation coming up soon, and she wants to climb outside.  We're in Switzerland, and we are told that you can nearly always see "Steinbock" (mountain goats) where we will go in Engadin.  I think she is more excited to see a Steinbock that to climb, but maybe that's how it should be

Thanks again for the videos.

(And feel free to post stories/anecdotes/advice about climbing with kids)






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