Winter destination Villanueva del Rosario, Cauche, Trabuco?

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 hw 09 Oct 2021

Looking for a winter destination for a week or so. Mixed ability group, with my youngest son at 6a/b level, myself at 7c/8a and the other son in between.

Looked at El Chorro, but was a bit put off by the longer walking to the best sectors, given that my wife suffers from rheumatism and long walks will leave her stranded the day after.

I admit, short walks and mixed abilities do limit the destinations. 

Anyone know Villanueva del Rosario and it’s two neighbours? Besides known for their super long 9a/b routes, the topo has enough routes at the 6a to 7a level for a week or so. Are these lower grade routes any good? Or just polished ,loose rock or distant bolts? 

 spenser 09 Oct 2021
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No idea about the area you are enquiring about, however Geyikbayiri would meet your requirements really well!

 hw 10 Oct 2021
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Thanks, that’s another one on the list. It’s just the COVID situation in Turkey. If it gets any worse my employer won’t let me come to work, unless I take a week self quarantine. Spain is a safer bet. 

 spenser 10 Oct 2021
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I had temporarily forgotten about the plague...

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We had a day trip to Villanueva del Rosario as a break from chorro a few years ago. It's an impressive crag, and we went on a very chilly day (it doesn't get much sun!) so probably didn't make the most of the easier routes. I suspect there isn't a week's worth across your whole grade range, but it's very worthwhile for a few days. It's certainly not roadside but I don't remember the walk-in being too grim. 

There's a bunch of beta and pics here plus a link to a free online topo:

If you search around the posts from that trip, you'll find a few other spots which might eek out a week's worth.

Enjoy! Cheers, Dom 

 hw 12 Oct 2021
In reply to dominic o:

Thanks, the link was really useful.

After a group discussion, we decided to go to Sardinia instead (Cala Gonone or Ogliastra/Baunei region).  

In reply to hw:

That's probably a good call - much better for a family trip across a range of grades, and a bit of seaside too Have a great trip! 

Cheers, Dom 

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