Siurana Dec/Jan?

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 gravy 01 Nov 2022

Anyone got experience with the Dec/Jan conditions in Siurana? is it worth going?

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Well I went in February this year and it was unbearably hot in the sun. If I went again I'd go Dec/Jan to give more crag options.

 Ciro 01 Nov 2022
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Can be great - tends to be a lot of fog around but Siurana itself is usually above the fog giving spectacular views as long as you're on the upper crags.

Montsant is usually above the clouds too, and equally spectacular.

Well you be in a van or accommodation?

If the fog is too high for climbing at Siurana there won't be anywhere super close to climb - you'll probably have to go to Col de Nargó or beyond.

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Sorry, please ignore my post. It is bollocks. It wasn't Siurana I went to; it was Chulilla. I must be losing the plot.....

 islandlynx 01 Nov 2022
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Ive mid December before. The village was quiet and the bungalows were pretty cold. There were icy puddles in the morning but for about 6 hours in the middle of the day it was glorious climbing in the sun. Maybe not the best conditions but significantly better than weather in the UK at that time. 

I've been to a few places in Spain at that time and it's always brisk in the morning. El Chorro is probably the warmest. 

Montsant is definitely worth a visit as well 

 spidermonkey09 02 Nov 2022
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I've been around then.Can be very cold but if its dry the conditions are good. Montsant is amazing. Masriudoms an hour or so away stays dry in the rain but you get soaked walking in. 

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We are having really unusual weather here, a never ending summer followed by short sharp temperature drops. Needed rain is not coming our way. Should be OK in December. Loads of places to choose from nearby. Montral usually staying clear of the Lleida  mists. Masriudoms for showery weather.  Montsant high enough to be above the mist on some days. Margalef for pocket pulling when tired of the Siurana crimps. Mussara to stay away from the crowds (old school and technical).

 climbingpixie 04 Nov 2022
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I went in November once. We might have just been unlucky but it was absolutely bloody baltic, way too cold to really enjoy it! It was impossible to climb anything that wasn't in the sun as the cold rock just leached any warmth out of your fingers. It was also impossible to retain any of your climbing warmth while belaying so we often ended up climbing a couple of routes then swapping over.

To make it worse, we were staying in one of those wooden huts at the campsite and it was a bit grim - there was no hot water for showers, the bedding they provided was really thin and you could never get properly warm. To add insult to injury, the heating stopped working on the last night - we woke up freezing at 3am and ended up packing up the car and driving back to Barcelona on the basis that at least the car would be warm once we got going!

I'm normally someone who prefers climbing in cool conditions and avoids climbing in the heat but I probably wouldn't head back there at that time of year, especially not without proper accommodation. I went back the following year around Easter and it was much nicer!

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