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Dominicgriff 19 Sep 2019

Potentially going to Fort Crags on Saturday so looking for advice from anyone in the know.

Saturdays High Tide is 9 meters, how long would you have to wait until the crag bases become accessible? 

Is there any beta with the scramble in/out or is it pretty straightforward? Going to likely have some novices with me so conscious that there's a chance someone might struggle with an exposed wet downclimb with gear no matter how easy - ledgey walk down should be fine for most if its like that. 

While we are waiting for the tide to go back I was going to do some placement and anchor practice for the inexperienced, is there enough blocks near/around the top to do that?

Thanks for any reply you have. It looks like a bit of an underappreciated crag so if its not suitable for this weekend I will probably come back sometime soon to explore. I'm from Birmingham but my Dad lives in Weston so I should have plenty of chances.

Manton 19 Sep 2019
In reply to Dominicgriff:

I think it's a lovely crag Dominic. You get a window of c.2 hours either side of low tide when the base of the climbs are accessible. But the tide races in so be vigilant. There are lots you can do at high tide including a delightful traverse of 30 metres called Eaves Drop (Vdiff). Very easy to scramble down to and on sound rock. Plenty of places all along the Fort Crag cliffs to set up top ropes. 

cwarby 19 Sep 2019
In reply to Dominicgriff:

If it helps, there is a rope to the left (looking at the cliff) of Boulder cove, the sport bit. It would get you up to the top at HT. If we know we're going to be cut off (you can climb there at HT) ring coastguard ops on 01646690909 and tell them. They have been called out by the public to climbers who are happy. It wastes their time. Have a good day.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.