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mike lawrence? 07 Nov 2019

I'm moving to Valencia from December to the start of March. Any advice apart from have a good time? I'll visit the local walls and see what they are like but any suggestions on finding partners? There is another thread on public transport to local crags, any further advice? I'll rent a car but would prefer to avoid if possible. Is there any worthwhile trad or should I leave all that stuff at home and just sport and boulder? Whats the best length rope? 80m?



Climbpsyched 07 Nov 2019
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80m rope ideal for longer routes which there are plenty of in Chulilla which you won't be too far from. Not sure on public transport to there though as I use my van. 

There is trad but with so much sport you could easily leave the gear at home. 

If you need an 80m check Rock and Run as they currently have a good one for 80 quid.

Enjoy your trip! 

HansStuttgart 07 Nov 2019
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If you are into longer routes, all the good ones are mostly trad:

Via missing link


Some of the ridge scrambling is also great

mike123 08 Nov 2019
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buy yourself this guide and go there  :


Ages since I've been but had several great trips there in the 90 s, a good mix of single pitch clip ups and proper big sparsely bolted adventures . The grades used to be harsh but I think I read that that had been sorted ? Iinfact i think its on my list for a trip in the new year .


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