/ Volunteers for Study into Reduced Working Hours?

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Ursula - on 18 Dec 2018

Do you actively limit the time you spend in paid employment?

If this is the case the Employment Dosage Research Project at Cambridge University would like to talk to you. We are interested in speaking to people who have chosen to work considerably less than what is currently considered to be full time – this can include any type of work pattern, for example: 2-3 days a week; seasonal work with 6 months on and 6 months off; 4 hours a day 5 days a week; project work that may last a couple of months followed by a period of inactivity or unpaid activities etc. We are flexible in our understanding of constitutes part time work. If you don’t think you quite meet the criteria, but have experimented with non-standard working patterns please get in touch, as we may still be keen to hear your point of view. We are also interested in people who spend limited time in paid employment but do not consider themselves unemployed as they have kept themselves busy in other ways (for example by going climbing!) and people who may have tried to reduce their time in paid employment but found that an increase in free time did not suit them for some reason.

If you would like to be involved, we will be conducting the interviews for the project beginning in January 2019. During the interviews, we would like to discuss your work and leisure activities, values, and wellbeing. The information provided would be completely confidential. To arrange an interview or request further information please contact Ursula at

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