/ Various bits for sale due to injury

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b_fillmore - on 02 Dec 2018

I royally buggered my knee up last winter and sadly I've realised that I'm not going to be able to ever use some of my gear so the surplus is up for sale. 

Items for sale:

La Sportiva Nepal Extremes size 45.5, used for two weeks, soles in great condition. £175 ono 

North Face Shaffle Jacket, Orange, Men's small but fits me fine, I'm 6 foot, bought for a trip that never happened and only seen light use in UK winters, looking for £200 ono

Wild Country Classic nuts size 1 to 10, never used, £40 

DMM torque nuts size 1-3, never used, £12 each  

WC Rockcentric Hexes sizes 8+9 £15, never used, £12 each

Ice screws, 2x 22cm, 1x 16cm, unbranded, still sharp and plenty of life left, £20 each

Wild Country Helium Friend, never used, size 3 £35

Wild Country Xenon Quickdraws, 5x10cm, 3x15cm, 2x20cm, in great condition barely used £75

One nutbuster will throw in to first person to spend over £50! 

Prices above assume paypal as a gift and inc shipping with my hermes. Can meet up in London if that's easier. 

Photos available on request

Timmd on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to b_fillmore:

Seems a shame to sell your gear when it's only been a year (quite a short time span sometimes for injuries).

Have a bump anyway. 

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b_fillmore - on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to Timmd:

Thanks, ruptured my ACL, grade 2 MCL, LCL, meniscus tear. Every day is getting better but it's still far from great and I've re-assessed my ambitions a bit! 

Timmd on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to b_fillmore:

Cool, maybe being at 34 now, you'll find a way back to your original goals while you're still able to be active?

I'll not scupper any chances of you selling stuff by trying to suggest you keep it all.

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ARussell - on 04 Dec 2018
morpcat - on 07 Dec 2018
In reply to b_fillmore:

YHM about QDs and Friend

b_fillmore - on 11 Dec 2018
In reply to morpcat:

Thanks, only just seen this and a host of messages in my junk. 

LMK if still interested! 

b_fillmore - on 16 Dec 2018
In reply to b_fillmore:

Quickdraws gone, the rest still going 

I did email back the people who originally enquired, but not sure if that went through as some were saying UKC messaging was playing up. 

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