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Neil wightwick09 Mar 2010
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Climbzone is part of the Xscape, Braehead leisure facility. The Xscape brand stands for excitement, adventure and good times.

Xscape Braehead is without the most exciting adventure sports destination in the UK and possibly in Europe. Braehead is the third in the Xscape model, after Milton Keynes and Castleford. Xscape currently Braehead attracts up to 4 million visitors per year. Every one of those visitors walks past “Climbzone” - the UK’s largest freestanding climbing wall, 60m long state of the art aerial adventure course 15m above the ground, Fandrops – free falling in air, “Robocoaster” – the worlds first passenger carrying robot.
Please visit http://www.climbzone.co.uk
Please visit http://www.xscape.co.uk

In partnership with Xscape, Climbzone is one of the main attractions of the destination and the perfect addition to the UK’s largest indoor real snow slope, 12 screen multiplex cinema, 22 lane bowling complex, restaurants, cafes, bars and lifestyle shopping on the grand scale. The success of Climbzone is reflected by the success of Xscape as a destination. Continued success will be achieved by the joint effort of all the activity providers and tenants and will depend on the enthusiasm and effort of the staff and management team.

As part of the Xscape experience, there is a high level of expectation on service and enjoyment for Climbzone customers. This means we need dynamic and professional staff who value every customer and strive to offer the best experience possible.

Targets will be high, but achievable. Climbzone user figures are approximately 60,000 users a year. All staff receive the full support of In Extremis Ltd’s expertise and back up as well as direct support from an area manager and company directors.

The Climbzone Facilities

a. The Climbing Wall
The Entre-prise wall sits on a “private” mezzanine level in the centre of the entrance mall and has a total of 23 climbing routes. The routes are approximately 10m high with varying profiles. Auto belays are provided for all routes if required. The wall is a one-piece freeform resin skin with features and bolt on holds.

b. The Skypark
Built by market experts “Ropes Course Developments”, the Skypark starts and finishes from a platform at the top of the access stair. It is approximately 60m in length and comprises a double track system with trolley anchors that follow the participants as they progress. The skypark starts with a 25m zip slide followed by elements including, traverse wall, hanging logs, jigsaw, swinging rungs, swinging platforms, cargo net, Burma bridge, rope ladders, before returning to the platform again – All 17m above the mall!.

c. Fan drops
You actually walk along the top of the climbing wall to access the Fandrops. Side by side, they are they were the first in the world of a new patented design, clip and jump it’s as simple as that. You arrive softly, a few seconds and 13m lower in a padded landing pod! (On the ground floor close to the reception entrance).

d. Robocoaster
This really has to be seen to be believed. A huge articulated robotic arm with a double seat on the end! Please visit http//www.robocoaster.com

Job Description

Position: Operations Manager, Climbzone – Xscape Braehead
Hours: Full time as required based on 40hrs per week including a minimum of one weekend day per week and upto 3 evenings per week.
Holidays: 32.5 Days paid – holiday including bank holidays, all by arrangement.
Salary: Basic Salary £20,420 per annum.
Pension: Company Stakeholder Scheme Available
Healthcare: Company Healthcare Scheme Available


The operations manager will report to an area Manager and work in close contact with the management team. Whilst guidance and training will be provided, the manager will be responsible for:

a. Safety
Health and Safety are by far the highest priority issues. The manager will be expected to set the highest safety standards and strive towards best practice in all areas of the business. A proactive and practical approach to Health and Safety is essential. Areas include:
i. Inspection and maintenance regimes.
ii. Fire drills and evacuation procedures.
iii. Staff awareness and responsibilities, fully integrated into the safety culture.
iv. Staff vetting and competence.
v. All safety and operating procedures.
vi. Monitoring and evaluation regimes.

b. Staff Management
Staff programming efficiency is key to the profitability of Climbzone. Key areas include:
i. Hiring
ii. Training
iii. Staff performance
iv. Rota’s
v. Communication

c. Facility Management
i. Opening Hours
ii. Cleaning
iii. Maintenance
iv. Route Setting

d. Customer Service
i. Promoting the “Yes” response
ii. Insuring Risk is disclosed
iii. Maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

e. Takings
i. Responsibility for till system and banking on a daily basis
ii. Credit Card Takings.

f. Reporting/Recording
i. Our Xscape partner requires user figures weekly and a quarterly turnover report
ii. Sales reports to area manager.
iii. Target and projection analysis.
iv. Documentation for all areas, Health & Safety, Staffing, Training, Maintenance etc.

g. Xscape Partnership
i. Liaison with Xscape centre management
ii. Liaison with Xscape Tenants

h. Promotion
i. Sponsorship
ii. Advertising
iii. Promotions

Applicants for the Manager position should be able to demonstrate ability in all areas of responsibility as detailed. There is also a requirement for the applicant to hold a valid Single Pitch Award or Climbing Wall Award. Experience in the following areas will also be favourable:

a. Managerial experience
i. Staff management
ii. Rotas etc.
iii. Efficiency

b. Activities
i. Climbing
ii. Ropes Courses
iii. Adventure Sports

c. Health & Safety
i. Experience in Health and safety procedures and implementation.
ii. Legal framework
iii. Understanding of employers and civil liability.
iv. Accident reporting and investigation.

d. Customer Service
i. Experience with dealing with the public
ii. Good communication skills

e. Money/Administration
i. Banking, cheques, credit card etc.
ii. Computer literate, Email, Internet, Microsoft Office.

f. Marketing and Sales
i. Experience in dealing with fast moving sales
ii. Ability to adapt to changing market demand

To download an application form click please visit http://www.climbzone.co.uk/welcome/recruitment.php

For more information and application forms contact:
Closing date: 8th April 2010
uncontrollable 09 Mar 2010
In reply to Neil wightwick:
is it me or should the manager as well spell check future adverts?
Richard Carter 14 Mar 2010
In reply to uncontrollable:

£20,420 per annum for an Operations Manager, you're having a laugh aren't you :-P
grindelwald16 Mar 2010
In reply to Richard Carter: My thoughts exactly!
trinity 16 Mar 2010
In reply to Richard Carter:
> (In reply to uncontrollable)
> £20,420 per annum for an Operations Manager, you're having a laugh aren't you :-P

there seems to be alot of this about. Just because we are in a fragile economic time doesnt mean companies can take the piss!

Alot of resposnsibility for not much dosh really, you can earn 20k doing middle admin type stuff at my local college
3 Names 17 Mar 2010
In reply to Richard Carter:

Im an operations manager, that salary is a joke!
Ben Stead17 Mar 2010
What would you Guys consider to be the going rate for a job like this?
grindelwald17 Mar 2010
In reply to Ben Stead: Minimum £30k
Ben Stead17 Mar 2010
In reply to grindelwald: Potencially they dont want some one who is finacially driven, or equally somone who lacks quality both surly is pritty bad to have in an organisation such as this?
grindelwald17 Mar 2010
In reply to Ben Stead:
It's not a question of being financially driven. Gone are the days people worked in a job for little money just because they loved it. I don't know anyone who could afford that luxury these days.
At £20k they are likely to get someone keen but on the negative side one who is young and very inexperienced.
£30k is not a huge amount given the above job description. You get what you pay for.
deepsoup 21 Mar 2010
In reply to Neil wightwick:
> Xscape Braehead is without the most exciting adventure sports destination in the UK

That's unusually honest for this kind of thing. ;)
grindelwald23 Mar 2010
In reply to deepsoup: Ha! Nice pick up
wilkie14c 28 Mar 2010
In reply to Neil wightwick:
20K - good luck then.

Manager of something of this scale is going to 30k+ for the right person.

Pay peanuts you will get monkeys.

<a bin man is prob on 20K, I was on the bins 20 years ago and was doing 13 then>
wilkie14c 28 Mar 2010
In reply to blanchie14c:
I actually tick all the boxes requ to get the job but afraid that i'd rather be a climbing bum than sell myself so cheaply.
Neil Davies 29 Mar 2010
In reply to blanchie14c: Might take it on then outsource it to the work force !
wilkie14c 29 Mar 2010
In reply to Neil Davies:
The key to good management!
Dogs and barking etc
Trangia 02 Apr 2010
In reply to uncontrollable:
> (In reply to Neil wightwick)
> is it me or should the manager as well spell check future adverts?

If you pay a monkey's rate you will get monkeys

loopyone02 Apr 2010
In reply to Neil wightwick: They don't just want an operations manager, they want one person to do the job of an entire management team, Sales, Marketing, H+S, HR, Accounting, Administration and be a climbing instructor to boot!
christopher bate02 Apr 2010
In reply to Richard Carter:
> (In reply to uncontrollable)
> £20,420 per annum for an Operations Manager, you're having a laugh aren't you :-P

Totally agree with you Richard... You pay peanuts and you get monkeys...
popebenedictus 02 Apr 2010
In reply to tatty112:

Sounds like a perfect job (except the pay). We were up at Braehead for BASI 1 course during half-term. The wall sits in the atrium of what's basically a big shopping centre with a snowslope. The wall was always quiet, only seemed to be used by children, is small enough to spit across and never seemed to have more than 1 member of staff on anyway. I thought the prices were too expensive so I din't bother trying it myself.

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