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Derekl 04 Dec 2018

Centre Manager - Temporary  – maternity cover – approx  9  month contract.

Climbzone is part of the Inextremis group of companies based in Glasgow   currently with 2 outlets - Climbzone and Glasgow Climbing Centre.      Currently, we employ approx 70 people between the 2 sites   This job is the replace the manager at the Climbzone site.

Climbzone has  an indoor climbing wall with 24 auto belays  , Skypark  and Fan Drop .   This year we added a huge stainless steel (Helter Skelter ) , slide, called simply    THE BIG SLIDE  16m high ( probably ) the largest indoor slide in the UK. 

See www.climbzone.co.uk for more information

  1. Job Description


    1. Position                Centre Manager, Full time, Climbzone at Soar into Braehead.
    2. Hours                    As required based on 40hrs per week including  weekend and evening work.
    3. Holidays:               33 Days per year prorata


  1. Remuneration


    1. Salary:                  Basic Salary £24k to 28K  per annum, depending on experience 
    2.     Pension                 contribution as per legislation.


  1. Responsibilities


The centre manager will report to the directors and work in close contact with the management team. Whilst guidance and training will be provided, the manager will be responsible for:


    1. Safety


Health and Safety are by far the highest priority issues. The manager will be expected to set the highest safety standards and strive towards best practice in all areas of the business. A proactive and practical approach to Health and Safety is essential. Areas include:

      1. Inspection and maintenance regimes.
      2. Fire drills and evacuation procedures.
      3. Staff awareness and responsibilities, fully integrated into the safety culture.
      4. Staff vetting and competence.
      5. All safety and operating procedures.
      6. Monitoring and evaluation regimes.
    1. Staff Management

Staff programming efficiency is key to the profitability of Climbzone. Key areas include:

      1. Hiring
      2. Training
      3. Staff performance
      4. Rotas
      5. Communication


    1. Facility Management
      1. Opening Hours
      2. Cleaning
      3. Maintenance
      4. Route Setting
    1. Customer Service


      1. Promoting the “Yes” response
      2. Ensuring participant  risk is disclosed
      3. Maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


    1. Takings
      1. Responsibility for till system and banking on a daily basis



    1. Reporting/Recording
      1. Target and projection analysis.
      2. Documentation for all areas of the business (eg Health & Safety, Staffing, Training, Maintenance )


    1. Soar @ intu Breahead.
      1. Liaison with Soar centre management
      2. Liaison with Soar Tenants


    1. Promotion
      1. Sponsorship
      2. Advertising
      3. Promotions



  1. Requirements/Experience


Applicants for the Manager position should be able to demonstrate ability in all areas of responsibility as detailed. There is also a requirement for the applicant to hold a valid CWA or higher . Experience in the following areas will also be essential:


    1. Managerial experience
      1. Staff management
      2. Rotas and staff time sheets .


    1. Activities
      1. Climbing
      2. Ropes Courses
      3. Adventure Sports


    1. Health & Safety
      1. Experience in Health and safety procedures and implementation.
      2. Legal framework
      3. Understanding of employers and civil liability.
      4. Accident reporting and investigation.


    1. Customer Service
      1. Experience with dealing with the public
      2. Good communication skills


    1. Money/Administration
      1. Cash handling.
      2. Banking, cheques, credit card etc.
      3. Computer literate, Email, Internet, Microsoft Office.



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