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Vivien Underwood - on 19 Feb 2019
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Trainee Head Route Setter

The Climbing Hangar is looking for a Trainee Head Route Setter who wants to help us take indoor climbing into the future. 

Do you want to blend fun, creativity, technology, vision and building amazing teams into your days work? If so, The Climbing Hangar is for you! We are open every day creating great climbing, great experiences and vibrant communities of climbers who love climbing, it’s people, its lifestyle and culture and you will be in charge of creating the lifeblood of your centre so everyone, from new to hardcore, falls in love with quality movement over and over again. 

We are currently recruiting for a talented trainee head route setter to lead our new Swansea site. This position is not for the faint hearted as we are looking for an ambitious someone to play a key part in a swiftly evolving company, keeping abreast of the latest trends, experimenting with new styles, actively seeking quality feedback, talking to customers, whilst running a happy team of junior setters you are responsible for managing and who love coming to work. What’s not to like? 

You will be led by our Director of Climbing Dan Knight. He will be your line manager,responsible for your development as a route setter, developer of route setters and has responsibility for your progress within the company.You will meet weekly and submit reports that discuss the evolution of your centre. 

Our market in the UK is growing fast with that growth being driven almost entirely by bouldering.  We want to ride that growth wave and be the number one indoor climbing brand in the UK by 2021.  So we want people who share the vision of being part of the company, scene and global growth. We love what climbing is on every level and we need someone to help us bring it to the people and keep it fresh as we grow. This means respecting where we have come from while innovating and welcoming new faces to our amazing sport.

Who is our perfect person? 

Our vision is to win in business by ‘Making people feel happy, healthy and connected'; and you will make sure this is exactly what we do! The right candidate will have a natural gift for helping people become climbers with accessible and exciting climbing for beginners as important in your mind as creative and demanding challenges for seasoned and ambitious people too.

Inspirational leadership for your junior setters, demonstrated through your passion for pushing route setting, your dedication in developing them, the example you set, your commitment to incredible product and service delivery.

You will be a master of creating the right product for all of our customers – you already understand why outdoor grades don’t matter in indoor climbing and why we would never use rules based setting.

A calm, patient and warm person, looking to learn and grow and more than happy taking critical feedback  - it’s route setting after all – you know the deal!

Sweat. This isn’t going to be easy, it’s a creative process with a commercial face. Everyone likes to criticise the setter if they don’t like the problem. Be resilient but capable of taking feedback on board and developing professionally from it.  

Essential requirements

  • 3-years setting experience as a route setter in a commercial climbing facility.
  • Leadership experience
  • Ambitious and excited about delivering The Hangar vision.
  • Flexible, creative, adaptable and driver of change
  • Intricate understanding of the climbing industry and the desire to be part of the evolution


  • £24k starting salary with annual pay reviews.
  • Private healthcare to keep you fit and healthy – the job is physical!
  • Annual foreign trip to visit market leaders for research – always combined with climbing!
  • Route Setting involves developing a range of other skills including leadership, HR and a range of qualifications we will support you in gaining
  • Free climbing for you and a plus one or your immediate family if you have kids
  • Staff discount on food and gear
  • A sweet staff party every year
  • 30 days holiday

How to Apply:

CV and Cover Letter to be sent to dan@theclimbinghangar.com by  deadline: 10th March 2019

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