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 Sgùrr 21 Mar 2023

Allow us to introduce Sierra Climbing, a company based in Barcelona, producing handmade chalk bags and bouldering buckets made entirely from recycled materials. Sierra’s ideology focuses on reducing waste, minimising the need for raw materials and creating more sustainable climbing products.

Sierra hand makes all their chalk bags and buckets at their workshop, using recycled fabrics from local sources. For example, Sierra’s Franken Bucket is partially made from recycled inner tubes sourced from local bicycle repair shops. Other materials also come from recycled clothing or offcuts from the production of other Sierra Climbing products. Sierra also uses ecological dyes in their fabrics and prints. 

Sierra visualises a minimalist and conscious world, where what you have is no more than what you need and has been purchased under fair and minimal consumption. With all Sierra products, whether this is a chalk bag or a t-shirt, you can guarantee its origin and contribute to a circular economy. These are the principles on which Sierra is based, and we strongly echo these values at Sgùrr. 

In addition to their design and makeup, all Sierra products are packaged in recyclable and/or compostable material to further reduce waste and close the consumption loop.

Sgùrr has recently partnered with Sierra and we now stock their handmade chalk bags, bouldering buckets, chalk, and skin care on our online shop. Keep an eye out for more styles coming soon.

Sierra Climbing on Sgùrr

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