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 Sgùrr 05 Dec 2022

Well, it’s that time of year again. ‘Tis the season of spending, but no one wants a useless piece of crap in their stocking. The creators of Sgùrr are here to showcase some awesome (and useful) climbing-related gifts to give this Christmas, that won’t leave your belay partner grumbling. 

Secret Santa & Stocking fillers

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable gift for an avid climber check out these miniature nut keychains. These mini stoppers come in a range of bright colours and look distinctive on any set of keys. Bring a satisfactory smile to your receiver’s face, unless they’re not into trad climbing of course, then they may just be confused. 

Sgùrr stocks a range of miniature keychain nuts from tiny brass stoppers to micro-sized knots, the likes of which you may have only seen used on Czech sandstone. Just be sure not to use them as actual trad gear as they are not rated to take any kind of whip, no matter how small!

Nut keychains £5 each

Alongside our range of nut/stopper keychains, we also stock miniature figure eight pendants which can be worn as a bracelet or around the neck. Not only will you look stylish wearing these, but they also act as an effective talisman to protect your from beta-spraying Grigri wielders down at the crag.

Figure 8 pendant £8 each

Next up is the ideal gift for that climbing partner who has arrived at the belay with a rack full of excuses, apologies, and (probably most notably) without your brand new number 3 cam.

This gift comes in four varieties: 

  • The “It was too deep to get out”  - extra-long nut key
  • The “my fat fingers couldn’t reach the trigger” - cam remover
  • The “I dropped your nut key” - standard nut key
  • The “If this was a sport route…” - with hex nut tightener

The standard and cam remover nut keys are even equipped with a bottle opener in the handle, ready for you to crack open a beer in relief after your second retrieves a piece of gear you thought you’d never see again. 

Kouba nut keys £7.50 - £10 each 

For your climbing partner

This next bracket covers some gifts that don’t cost the earth, but will make your climbing partner (or an outdoor-sy friend) smile, even when they are trapped indoors and away from anything more climbable than stairs on Christmas day. 

First up, we have been working with a local craftsperson to create some splendid wool headbands to keep your ears warm over winter. These handmade headbands are made of merino wool, fleece-lined to keep the wind out and super warm and comfortable to wear. They come in several autumnal colours, are made by hand in the UK and can be worn when climbing, hiking or for any outdoor activity. 

Handmade headband £20

No climber is complete without a chalk bag. This humble piece of climbing kit is an essential part of any climber's possessions, diligently providing a chalky space for us to wildly stuff our sweaty mitts into. Our chalk bags from Milo have colourful patchwork designs, drawcords to keep your precious white dust inside, and an integrated waist belt. 

Chalk bag £12

Go into any outdoor shop, and you can quickly identify the trad climbers - they’re pulled like moths to the gear section. Maybe you’ve been there, trapped by an especially nice set of cams that you can’t quite justify buying, or marvelling at the latest advancement in super-light gear that you probably don’t need. You too can recreate that joy and happiness this Christmas in even the crustiest trad-dad with some new bling. With any of our affordable sets you can guarantee that your recipient will spend Christmas day happily stuffing their present into radiators gaps, poorly fitting joinery and any other crack or slot within reach. 

Nuts from £35

Under the Tree

What could look better in a climber’s hallway than a crack full of nuts? We have recently partnered with Fujfuj, a Czech company producing keyring holders and those miniature keychains we mentioned earlier. Available in dark concrete or oak, these tactile keyring holders have a multitude of slots and cracks to scratch that trad climbers’ itch every time you return home.

All Fujfuj key holders come with up to 4 keychains, in either the nut or knot style, so you don’t need to buy these separately.

Fujfuj key holder dark concrete £58, oak wood £62

This may be a copout as we have already talked about trad gear, but it can’t be understated - no-one was ever upset to receive trad gear. Ever. Many a sane climber will find themselves half way down a crag, bashing desperately away at some nut, or gently teasing at a stuck cam lobe. Imagine their joy when they discover not one, but two or three cams under the tree this year. Thanks to Kouba, gear is now even more affordable in the UK market, so makes an ideal present without breaking the bank.

Individual cams from £38, Sets from £114

Finally, in true climbing fashion, what could be a better gift than a brightly coloured item of clothing that clashes with everything and can be spotted from a mile away. In true climbing fashion, Sgùrr stocks a range of climbing clothes that will immediately identify you as a climber wherever you go. In addition, nothing can beat the freedom of climbing in clothes that are designed for the job. That’s why all our clothing is specifically designed for a high degree of movement and are made to last. 

Climbing trousers from £48, t-shirts & tank tops from £23

Explore all this and more on Sgùrr Shop and enjoy free UK shipping for orders over £60.  

Climbing Gifts on Sgùrr

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